10 DC Heroes And How They Would Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner now. Invitations were sent out and plans made; Now all we have to do is cook the turkey to perfection and try to get through the day without bickering. Maybe sometime during Thanksgiving we’ll gather to watch a DC flick and wonder how our favorite heroes would spend the holidays.

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DC’s heroes are all very different; Superman is an alien while Batman is a rich man who has too much time on his hands, meaning they would all celebrate the holiday in different ways. However, we would not trust Peacemaker to do the cooking.


Superman – Dinner with the family

Amy Adams and Henry Cavill as Lois Lane and Superman in Man of Steel
Image from Warner Bros.

superman (Henry Cavill) certainly has a lot to thank for this year as he’s officially back in the DCEU with a very bright future ahead of him. We think he’d be spending the holidays in Smallville with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Martha Kent (Diana Lane).

His upbringing with the Kent family taught Clark the importance of family and the importance of taking every opportunity to spend time with them. He’s lost enough time with the people he loves before he’s resurrected, and he certainly won’t waste an opportunity to tell them how grateful he is for both of them.

Aquaman – In a bar with his father

Aquaman and his father

There are many different ways for families to spend time together. in the Aquamanwe saw that the title character (Jason Momoa) and his father, Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison), could have their most honest conversations when they each have a beer in their hand in the local pub.

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Of course, celebrating Thanksgiving at a bar has its downsides, including the overcooked food and the relentless parade of selfies Arthur has to take with others. But it also gives you the opportunity to meet and talk to new people and maybe make new friends to be grateful for. Anyway, Arthur will be able to tell his dad how much he appreciates him, and that’s always easier after a beer or twelve.

Amanda Waller – Apparently at work

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in The Suicide Squad (1)
Image via Warner Bros.

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is aware of every threat that has ever come and will ever come to Earth, and with Black Adam being added to that list, she has even more to worry about than usual. She may have Superman in her corner, but even that not enough to convince the fierce ARGUS leader to take a day off for the holidays.

Instead, Waller will likely spend the day in a secret facility, hatching plan after plan to protect the world. She does love her daughter, though, and we’re assuming she’d give herself five minutes for a quick Thanksgiving Facetime with her family. After that she goes straight back to work.

Wonder Woman – On Themyscira

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

wonder woman (GalGadot) sacrificed much for humanity. She said goodbye to the love of her life, Steve Trevor (Chris Kiefer), more than once and has not seen her home, Themyscira, for decades. We think it’s time for the heroine to put herself first.

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She deserves time away from the chaos of the mortal world. Time at home, on the beautiful island where she grew up, surrounded by her family and friends. It will be just what she needs to refresh her body and mind before returning to the much-anticipatedwonder woman 3. All she has to do is remember where to park the invisible jet.

Batman – Patrolling Gotham

Image via HBO Max

Unfortunately for Gotham, crime doesn’t take a day off to celebrate the holidays. Luckily for Gotham, Batman doesn’t either (Ben Affleck). As families across Gotham eat turkey and tell tales, Batman will lurk the streets, ready to stop any criminals looking to cause trouble.

Although Alfred would certainly try to convince him to take the day for himself, Bruce is far too stubborn and determined to take the risk of anything happening. Bruce is grateful for the good people of Gotham City, and he shows his appreciation and love by making sure they enjoy the vacation, even if it means he doesn’t.

Flash – Visiting his father in prison

ezra-miller-the-flash copy
Image via Warner Bros.

Although we don’t know much about Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), which will hopefully change when The Lightning which hits theaters next year, we know his father Henry is in prison for the murder of Barry’s mother, but that’s a crime he didn’t commit.

RELATED: 10 iconic DC and Marvel characters who aren’t from the comicsBarry likes to visit his father; Of course, Thanksgiving will be no different. They probably won’t be able to indulge in the traditional celebration, but they’ll both be grateful to spend the day together, talking and laughing as if the world wasn’t massively unfair to the Allen family.

Black Adam – With the people of Kahndaq

Image from Warner Bros.

Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) embarked on quite an emotional journey Black Adam before finally accepting that his son would have wanted him to assume his role as savior of Kahndaq and rid the country of those trying to oppress it.

Though he’ll likely be attending the nation’s celebrations over the holiday season, we know he’d always have one eye on the sky. Especially now that he knows Superman exists, there’s a good chance the two will clash at some point. Hopefully not on Thanksgiving though; It’s not a day to fight.

Cyborg – Remembering what he lost

Ray Fisher as a cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League
Image via HBO Max

cyborg (Ray Fischer) was the beating heart of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. He struggled to find his place in the world and accept his new form before coming to terms with the tragic loss of his father, the only family member he had left. That means Thanksgiving will be a day of quiet reflection for Victor Stone.

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Victor will likely spend the day at his parents’ graves, remembering all the good times they had before the tragic accident that claimed his mother’s life and changed Victor forever, grateful to be of such loving and supportive parents was raised.

Harley Quinn – Supporting women in abusive relationships

Barbie Movie Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Margot Robbie

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) knows the horrors of an abusive relationship after being physically and emotionally abused by the Joker. So we think that on Thanksgiving, she wanted to help other women in similar situations by hitting every abusive man she could find in her life.

Of course we’re talking about this Harley, so there’ll probably be plenty of alcohol involved, but she won’t let that distract her from the task at hand. She will forever be grateful that she managed to escape the Joker’s clutches and she will work non-stop all day to make that feeling possible for as many women as possible.

Peacemaker – Featuring Vigilante and Eagly


As with all peacemakers (John Cena) attends, his Thanksgiving celebrations will certainly not be traditional. He’ll likely spend the day with his best friend Eagly (yes, a real eagle) and his on-off friend Vigilante, comparing the many brutal murders they’ve committed lately.

Alcohol will be involved, and before you know it, they’ll probably be looking for petty criminals to stop them in incredibly cunning and skillful ways. Given that we don’t think Peacemaker has ever used an oven, the food will be awful. Trust us, this year you should be thankful you never have to try Peacemaker’s Cooking.

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