10 Things Only DC Comics Fans Know About Sofia Falcone

An offshoot of The Batman The focus on Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot, aka Penguin, is progressing on HBO Max. Actress Cristin Milioti, perhaps best known for her roles as The Mother in How I met your mother and comedies such as PalmSpringsbecame the first major cast member to join the show.

Milioti will play Sofia Falcone, a well-known but underrated character in Batman history. Given the show’s mob-centric angle, it makes sense for Sofia to appear. However, few casual fans of the comics will know who she is. Such fans will want to learn a thing or two about her in preparation for the show.


Sofia Falcone made her debut in The Long Halloween

Batman wraps himself in his cloak as calendar sheets float past.

The Long Halloween is one of the best Batman storylines of all time. It follows the world’s greatest early career detective as he uses his deduction skills to solve a years-long mystery surrounding one of the most notorious criminals in his chaotic villain gallery. Sofia makes her debut during the storyline and plays an important role in the second half of the story.

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The Batman heavily borrowed from The Long Halloween. So it makes sense that prominent characters from the famous arc would find their way into Matt Reeves’ corner of the DC Universe. The mob angle the penguin show seems to be reaching also makes it an ideal location for Sofia.

Sofia Falcone returned in the dark victory

Batman's neon red silhouette in the cover of Dark Victory.

Dark Victory serves as a direct continuation of The Long Halloween. It features the appearance of another serial killer, The Hangman, and retells Bruce’s connection with Dick Grayson. Sofia reappears in the storyline, this time under her married name Sofia Gigante, and serves as the main character.

Without delivering spoilers, Sofia is one of them Dark Victorythe central actors. After falling out of a window during The Long HalloweenSofia is in a wheelchair and wears a headrest Dark Victory. It is unlikely that any plot indicates this Dark Victory will make it onto the penguin show, but maybe some elements will make it, mainly her leadership skills and her role as the de facto head of the Falcone family.

Sofia Falcone was inspired by the godfather

Sonny Corleone looks at something from behind the camera in The Godfather.

The Godfather is arguably the best mob movie of all time. The timeless story of the Corleone family remains a compelling tale of ambition, power and legacy. It inspired many films in the mob genre, but its reach stretched well beyond the silver screen and into the world of comics.

Jeff Loeb stated that he was inspired by him The Godfatherin founding the Falcone family. The eldest son, Mario, takes inspiration from Michael Corleone, making Carmine, the head of the family, a parallel to Vito Corleone. So Sofia, known for her strength and explosive temper, would be DC’s version of Sonny Corleone, who has a fiery and violent temper in both the novel and film versions of The Godfather.

Sofia Falcone’s mother became a nun

Louisa Falcone watches a man take away a baby in DC Comics.

Despite being one of Batman’s most well-known enemies, Carmine’s backstory remains shrouded in mystery. The comics reveal that he has a wife, Louisa Falcone, but her whereabouts are a mystery The Long Halloween and each of Carmine’s subsequent appearances.

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However, Catwoman: When in Rome reveals that Louisa is alive and living as a nun in a remote convent in the Italian mountains. Louisa proves just as ruthless as her husband and children, killing her former bodyguard after he betrays her and ordering the death of Selina despite knowing that she could very well be her daughter.

Sofia Falcone has two brothers and one sister

Catwoman fights in the rain in When in Rome

Like the Corleone family, the Falcone clan consists of four siblings, although only three are legitimate. Sofia has two brothers, Mario and Alberto. The former lives in Italy and upon his return to Gotham wishes to stay out of his family’s many troubles, while the latter is as cunning as Carmine but commands less respect.

The Long Halloween and Dark Victory imply that Selina is Kyle Carmine’s daughter. Catwoman: When in Rome suggests that Carmine and his wife Louisa had another daughter but put her up for adoption for unknown reasons. Catwoman believes she is that daughter, but is never able to definitively prove it. Now that Sofia arrives in live action, her relationship with Selina could become a plot point in the previously announced Catwoman spinoff.

Sofia Falcone only has a handful of appearances

Sofia Falcone points a gun at someone in Batman The Long Halloween Part 2

Unlike many of DC Comics’ other street heroes and villains, Sofia Falcone plays a relatively small role in the Caped Crusader mythos. Sofia’s only prominent comic book appearances are in The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. She has a cameo appearance in Catwoman: When in Romealthough she only appears in flashbacks.

By this point, many of Batman’s most well-known villains have appeared in live action multiple times. So it makes sense that writers would be looking for lesser-known but equally compelling characters to bring to the bat’s live-action universe, and Sofia fits the bill perfectly.

Sofia Falcone has married into the Gigante family

Sofia Falcone screams in rage in Batman: Dark Victory.

The Batman universe has many great villains, including some famous freaks who are considered some of DC Comics’ most infamous characters. However, the Caped Crusader has also faced downer villains in his day, including the numerous gangsters that plague Gotham City.

The Gigante clan is one of many mafia families that control Gotham. They are not as prominent as the Falcone or even the Maronis. However, they are important enough that Sofia’s marriage to one of the family’s sons is considered a big deal in the Gotham underworld. Despite this, the Gigante family only appears through Sofia, making them somewhat irrelevant to Batman’s world.

Sofia Falcone is a skilled detective and skilled manipulator

Carmine Falcone talks to his daughter Sofia in Batman The Long Halloween.

The Dark Knight’s best villains are all cunning and highly intelligent. Even if they struggle with severe mental health issues, Batman’s enemies are some of the smartest characters in comics, and Sofia Falcone is no exception.

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Her imposing figure and height make her seem brawn and brainless, but Sofia defies convention. She’s a master manipulator who can even fool the Caped Crusader himself, as the events in prove Dark Victory. Sofia is also a skilled detective who tracks the holiday killer along the way The Long Halloween and on the verge of finding his identity. Sofia almost gets away with murder, but Batman eventually outsmarts her.

Sofia loses the Falcone name

Sofia Falcone talking to someone in Batman The Long Halloween.

Many women take their husband’s names when they marry, while others choose to separate them with a hyphen. Sofia takes on the name Gigante but doesn’t remove the Falcone, largely because having two of Gotham’s most powerful mob families behind her makes her all the more menacing.

However, her brother Mario disowns her during the events of Dark Victory. Claiming that he wants to restore the Falcone name and angered by the other mob families trying to steal the Falcone clan, Mario disowns Sofia. He claims her tainted reputation after the events of The Long Halloween is bad for business and directly responsible for the thefts at Falcone Imports. So Sofia loses the Falcone name and simply becomes Sofia Gigante.

Sofia Falcone has already made her live-action debut

Jim Gordon and Sofia Falcone chat over drinks in Gotham.

Cristin Milioti won’t be the first actress to play Sofia live. teenage wolf Actress Crystal Reed previously played Sofia in Season 4 of the underrated Fox series Gotham. Sofia’s storyline on the show bears no resemblance to her original role in the comics. Instead of this, Gotham presents her as an ambitious and ruthless young woman who wants to make a name for herself in Gotham City.

Reed and Milioti bear no physical resemblance to the Sofia from the comics, but Reed captures the character’s vicious nature. Milioti, a great actress who has already proven her talent, will no doubt make the role her own and rival Colin Farrell’s penguin.

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