AC/DC’s Brian Johnson picks his dream supergroup

AC/DC leader Brian Johnson is the archetype of the rock ‘n’ roll frontman, and if he had his way he’d have a band full of singers. Since forming his first band, the Jasper Hart Band, his voice has taken him places Johnson never imagined.

During his TV series Brian Johnson: A life on the roadthe AC/DC rocker made a plethora of intriguing revelations. The program has taken him alongside musical royalty such as Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, Sting, Roger Daltrey and former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant.

Following his episode with Walsh, the AC/DC singer returned the favor by appearing with the American musician Old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll radio show. Their conversation was enlightening, and at some point the dynamic duo began dreaming up a supergroup together. It started with Walsh saying, “I’m not going to go there, but maybe we should form a band.” In response, Johnson revealed his dream group, which included The Eagles’ guitarist. He replied: “Aw Joe, that would be good. Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, we’d take all the guys. We can sing rock ‘n’ roll harmonies. The Three Rock Singers: That would be pretty good, right?”

Both Plant and Daltrey have also appeared on Johnson’s television program, which is a mark of the respect that exists between them all. The episode with Plant was particularly revealing when he spoke candidly about Led Zeppelin’s early influences and the detachment he now feels from the band.

“Cream, The Grateful Dead, the white blues thing came out,” Plant Johnson explained. “And you had this great West Coast thing with Jefferson Airplane and stuff. A subculture developed and we kind of got used to it. We had no social statements to make. We weren’t visionaries in that sense. But we were still part of this huge energy movement at our age.”

“I can hardly remember that,” Plant admitted honestly when they talked about the Zeppelin classic “Immigrant Song”. He also jokingly offered Johnson his role in the band, saying, “If you want a job now, I can put in a good word for you!”

Undoubtedly, a supergroup featuring Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Brian Johnson and Joe Walsh would have been a spectacle during their pomp. However, now that all men are in their autumn years, it’s best to use our imaginations instead of demanding it become a reality.


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