Aquaman’s greatest power can defeat any other Justice League hero

The Justice League is home to an incredibly powerful group of heroes, but Aquaman has a hidden ability that beats all the others.

That justice league has some of the hardest hitters in the DC Universe on its list – Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and even Batman – but Aquaman has a hidden power that allows him to defeat everyone else.

Every single member of the Justice League is undeniably a powerhouse in their own right. Superman and Wonder Woman are two of the most physically strong characters in the DC Universe, rivaling the likes of Darkseid or Doomsday in hand-to-hand combat. Even the “normal” characters like Batman are considered the absolute best in their respective fields, but nobody has been treated like a joke more than Aquaman.


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It’s no secret that Aquaman is typically treated as an afterthought by all members of the Justice League. For many fans, Superman is a living god, Flash has absurd speed, and Aquaman can talk to fish. But while Aquaman is often the butt of every joke, he’s actually far more powerful than people give him credit for. Even ignoring his super strength, stamina, and absurd underwater speed, he displayed another incredibly dangerous ability on the sides of Grant Morrison and Howard Porter JLA #4. Even Aquaman haters can’t deny the power he displays in this installment, in which Aquaman, battling an evil speedster, reveals the surprising ability to give anyone on command a seizure. Aquaman explains that his ability to control sea life actually extends to organs developed from sea life. This allows Aquaman to shut down the center that coordinates his enemy’s movement, instantly disabling him.

Aquaman’s power lets him beat any JLA member

Aquaman Justice League

This ability to instantly unleash any enemy he encounters into a seizure is one of Aquaman’s most overpowering abilities. The speedster in question is secretly a White Martian, showing that Aquaman’s ability to induce seizures works on alien life as well as super-fast individuals. With that power alone, Aquaman should be able to bring down the entire rest of the Justice League roster, from the godlike Martian Manhunter to the Flash. Aquaman’s strength and stamina also mean he would actually get a chance to use this ability against heavy hitters like Wonder Woman and Superman, making him the only member who could easily knock down his teammates.

Almost every member of the Justice League is capable of gaining respect for being the best at what they do, but Aquaman is often treated as a joke. However, when he displayed this powerful ability, he hid a little more often, Aquaman could get the respect he as deserves justice league heavyweight.

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