Asa Weeks is proving his place in the DC music scene

A new contender has entered the ring in DC’s local music scene. Asa weeks, a 22-year-old rapper from Frederick, Maryland, will headline his first show in DC on November 27th at the Pie Shop. Weeks debuted at the same location in town in April and has since proven to be an energetic artist with a lot of potential. His song “NYC” has been played on Spotify a little over 27,000 times and on October 31st he released a single called “MOE TOWN” to the surprise of his fans.

Weeks began his fledgling music career by releasing his first EP, who knew, in October 2020. While starting a music career during a pandemic seems ill-advised, Weeks found the experience therapeutic. “It was very, very liberating,” he says. “That was my only thing that kept me going.”

When Weeks began performing live in 2021, he began in earnest to make a career out of his music. He made his debut on June 16 this year at the Frederick Arts Council, where fans thronged for the first time after he finished his set. He followed up with more shows at Frederick’s New Spire Stages and Sky Stage venues, the latter of which sold out as headliners.

“It’s not just any kid doing this anymore,” Weeks recalled, reflecting on the Sky Stage after the show. “Everything I did was justified.”

His success in Frederick propelled him to earn a place in the DC music scene. Earlier this year he got involved with MadeInTheDMV, a think tank for local artists and brands. On April 26, he was part of a multi-artist concert hosted by the organization at the Pie Shop. His next DC appearance was on September 2 on the Union Stage.


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