Batman & Catwoman’s hot new DC art captures their romance perfectly

Catwoman and Batman strike a steamy pose in stunning new DC Comics art by Josua “Sway” Swaby that perfectly captures the romance of the two characters.

Spoilers for Catwoman #52 from DC Comics

In a stunning new cover of the DC Comics twist that captures it perfectly Batman and Catwoman’s Relationship, the legendary DC couple strike a steamy pose that highlights their conflicting personalities. In the cover art for Catwoman #52 for DC Comics by Joshua “Sway” Swaby. Catwoman holds Batman tight as she is one of the few people in the DC Universe who is okay with The Dark Knight being vulnerable.

Catwoman and Batman have one of the most iconic romances in comics, as the hero and anti-hero have long been important parts in each other’s lives. But while Batman plays it squarely as a hero, Catwoman is Bruce Wayne’s biggest blind spot, as the thief has captured his heart and attention. As a result, Selina Kyle has operated in Gotham City without much opposition from Batman — unless the hero has a reason to bring her in or she crosses an important line. While Batman and Catwoman’s marriage hasn’t worked out, a new cover by Joshua “Sway” Swaby perfectly captures what makes their romance so great.


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On his Twitter accountArtist Joshua “Sway” Swaby, who has designed some incredible covers for both Marvel and DC Comics, shared his upcoming variant for cat woman #52. The steamy cover features Batman and Catwoman sitting on the Batcycle while Selina Kyle hugs Bruce Wayne closer as he has red lipstick on his cheek from their kiss. The cover showcases the playful side of Catwoman and her relationship with Gotham’s protector while showing how Batman often accepts that the anti-hero (and sometimes the villain) is in control. Check out the stunning cover below.

The romance of Batman and Catwoman is perfectly illustrated on the cover

While Batman and Catwoman’s relationship status is currently complicated, the cover of Catwoman #52 shows why they are always meant to be together. The issue features DC’s new Catwoman, Eiko Hasigawa, in action while Selina Kyle is jailed for murder. It’s safe to assume Batman will be wondering why his greatest love is gone and someone replaced her – which could set off potential fireworks on the matter.

Ultimately, Batman and Catwoman have rarely looked better than on the new cover, as Joshua “Sway” Swaby once again blew his variant out of the park with his steamy new DC art. Readers can pick them up Batman and cat woman– Lead man variant when Catwoman #52 from DC Comics by Tini Howard and Sami Basri hits comic book stores in February 2023.

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