Batman’s most powerful Batsuit is DC’s best kept secret

Batman has a Batsuit for almost every occasion, but recently DC revealed that Batman is working on a new suit that may be his strongest ever.

Spoilers ahead for Batman #129!Batman is known for his ability to plan ahead for any situation, so the Dark Knight has quite a few Batsuits available for any problem that may arise, but a suit is his best kept secret.

Batman always does his best to prepare for the unknown, whether it’s a suit made specifically for battling Mr. Freeze or a Batsuit powerful enough to withstand the conditions of Apokolips. Considering the extravagant distances he has traveled, from Earth to space, to other planets and to other dimensions, Batman must always be prepared for any situation or enemy he may encounter. Batman has even used former enemies as Batsuits.


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Batman #129 by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez sees Batman square off against the antagonist Failsafe, a machine Bruce created to stop him should he ever go too far as Batman. Unfortunately, Failsafe was activated by mistake, which means Bruce now has a killer robot who really wants to stop him for nothing. While Failsafe goes through all the means by which Batman could stop him, from time travel to recruiting an alien race, one of the ideas that Failsafe stops at is the “Unfinished Omega armor.” The fact that Batman has yet another unfinished suit is particularly notable given how much armor Bruce had, such as the Hellbat armor.

What is the Omega Batsuit?

Failsafe Omega armor

The Batsuits Bruce has built over the years are no laughing matter. For example, the Hellbat armor was so powerful that Bruce could fight and defeat a weakened Darkseid while still being able to survive on Apokolips. It’s not really the strongest suit Batman has ever worn. One of the strongest suits Batman had ever appeared in Justice League #25 by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jiménez, where readers see Batman wearing the incredible “Son Box Suit” created by the World Forager. This suit makes Bruce nearly invulnerable and also grants him the ability to control minds. Batman, who has a suit stronger than almost the entire Justice League while also offering absurd powers like mind control, places him above the vigilante level and makes him DC’s most powerful hero.

It’s hard to imagine anything more powerful than the Hellbat Armor or the Son Box Suit, but Batman may have just found it in this “Omega Armor.” Batman had all kinds of suits, and each one was significantly more powerful than the last. He had a suit to stop the Justice League, he had the Hellbat suit, the Son Box suit, and now DC seems ready to unveil him Batman’s strongest bat suit however in the omega armor.

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Batman #129 is available now from DC Comics.


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