‘Can Marvel stop using the Evil Superman trope to sell tickets?’: DC fans scream foul as Marvel’s Thunderbolts reportedly plans to cast Ryan Gosling as Superman knockoff ‘Hyperion’

The DC vs. Marvel war has raged since the dawn of comics. The industry’s two goliaths have brought the populace such an iconic and entertaining roster of superhuman beings that no one can help but compare them, and why wouldn’t they? Some of the most iconic superheroes from these publications have a high chance of having a similar counterpart in the others. With so much overlap of similar traits, it can become difficult to distinguish which copies the other.

A poster of Marvel vs. DC.
A poster of Marvel vs. DC.

And to achieve that in modern times, it appears that the upcoming Marvel Studios’ thunderbolts Film could reignite this debate with new intensity.

With new rumors now surfacing for the upcoming movie, it seems the MCU fandom is introducing Hyperion, who, as some of the hardcore DC fans say, is nothing more than a cheap knock-off and altered version of Superman.

DC fans are raving about Hyperion’s appearance in the upcoming Thunderbolts.


There have been several occasions when fans of both comic book publishers have spotted similarities between superheroes from those universes. But no doubt Marvel has been notorious in this department, as it has continually attempted to create its own version of the world’s most popular superhero, which just so happens to be DC Comics’ Superman. Marvel has created many counterparts like Sentry and also brought some of them to the big screen like Thor and more recently Ikaris eternal.

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But after those attempts, it seems Marvel is poised to bring the dark horse into the MCU thunderbolts. According to a recent tweet from Beyond The Trailer’s Grace Randolph, the upcoming movie is poised to bring the evil version of Superman’s Marvel counterpart to the big screen in the form of Hyperion.

This news sits well with MCU fans who were anticipating Hyperion’s mainstream launch, but DC fans on the other hand are furious at Marvel’s attempts to keep bringing this trope back. They took to Twitter to let Marvel know this is getting old and, to be honest, a little desperate of them.

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What to expect from Thunderbolts?

The currently expected lineup of thunderbolts.

thunderbolts will be the next team of superheroes to face the threats the world will face in the future. In the upcoming film, it has been theorized that this team is put together by CIA Chief Val de Fontainne and kept under the leadership of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, hence the name. If the inclusion of Hyperion happens, he could be the film’s main antagonist.

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lightning, Theatrical release on July 26, 2024

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