Commanders DC Jack Del Rio appreciates his defenders

The commander’s defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio, was generous with compliments to his defensive line Wednesday when speaking to the press.

Daron Payne: “He was a man on a mission throughout the offseason. It was tremendous how he went about it. Very much held the team first. He was excellent.”

When asked if Payne was preparing for his first major contract, Del Rio humorously replied, “He was paid pretty well when he came out. I think he handled it wonderfully. He was in business from the start. I value him as a man, as a player in our defence; I appreciate what he brings and how he goes about his business. We just want it to continue like this now… He’s a younger player. He matures and develops. I think he’s a really good player. I’m glad we have him.”

When asked if Payne’s sack counts have increased this season, Del Rio noted:

“The thing I saw is that his finishing ability was at a higher level. He was disruptive all the time. It was kind of one of those things where his numbers haven’t come; they start cumming His disorder was always there.”

Del Rio kindly disagreed with the suggestion that Payne’s numbers have gone up because his playing time has been extended. Del Rio pointed to the unit playing within the scheme and helping everyone be productive.

“You have to look at the numbers to see if that holds up. I’m not sure if that would be the case. I think he plays a lot, which he always does. Obviously the space has changed, but I like the way the space has changed. We have a good group and they work hard every day. The guys learned how to hunt together. Individual contractors have a hard time, but when we work as a group, we all get something to eat.”

What role and playing time will there be for CBunny Young?
“Right now we’re just getting him into practice, engaging him and trying to improve his conditioning, comfort level, confidence and belief in his own body and how it’s healed and ready to go. All of these things are in progress. I know we’re not going to play him 70 games on day one, but we’ll draft him if we can and include him. I look forward to getting him out of there.”

Who gets credit for defensive line performance?
“I would give the boys credit for deciding it’s important enough for them. [Defensive Line Coach Jeff Zgonina] Z obviously works with them every day so he has to be given credit. I would like to give them credit, Z and the group, for doing what we asked them to do.”

Why Did Payne, Allen, and Sweat Get Career-High Snap Percentages?
Del Rio just smiled and replied, “We’re better when they’re on the field?”

Del Rio laughed heartily and ended his press conference.

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