Could DC’s Canceled New Gods Movie Still Happen? author answers

DC Comics writer Tom King, who developed the live-action New Gods film, responds on whether or not the aborted project could be revived.

DC Comics writer Tom King talks about whether or not they’ve been canceled New gods The film could be revived in the future. Based on Jack Kirby’s Fourth World characters, New gods was one of the DC Universe films (formerly known as DCEU) that Warner Bros. worked on for years. King, who has written several major DC Comics titles, co-wrote the screenplay with filmmaker Ava DuVernay, with the film set to explore the deeper story of New Genesis as well as Apokolips. The project first entered development in 2018 before being canceled by the studio in April 2021.


Over a year has passed since WB pulled the plug on both his project and James Wan’s The ditchKing recently raised the possibility of New gods Movie is revived when spoken to Comic Resources. The DC Comics writer noted that he is busy with a variety of other projects, but confirmed his interest in reuniting with DuVernay and resuming the DCU project. See what King said below:

“Ah, I mean anything is possible. I love this script. I loved working with Ava. It was an absolute delight. She’s a brilliant storyteller. You absolutely never know. I don’t want to close doors “I’m just so incredibly busy. I have so much to do. It would be hard to imagine taking on an entire film at the moment. But that script was never read. The film was taken off the list because it conflicted with plans they had at the time. So who knows? If new plans come up, maybe new opportunities will arise. This is pure speculation. I have absolutely no idea. I would love to work with Ava again. She was a delight .”

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Could the new gods be part of the DCU?

everything we know about DC's canceled New Gods movie

Although New gods WB pointed out at the time that it might have been cancelled “The projects will remain in their skillful hands if they should advance in the future.” So far there has been no movement regarding the shelved film, and while it’s rare for abandoned projects to be revived, it’s not impossible for Warner Bros. Discovery to re-investigate New gods. With DC Studios’ James Gunn and Peter Safran now taking charge of the DCU, it’s possible they’ll revisit the project and make it a part of their long-term plans.

Despite the fact that Gunn and Safran’s DCU plans haven’t been revealed in detail yet, there’s one big upside for New gods that can give the film a chance to happen. One of the things Gunn is known for, particularly the DCU projects he’s worked on, is his interest in researching DC Comics characters that aren’t necessarily A- or B-list players. From several characters in The Suicide Squad as well as in HBO Max’s peacemaker TV show, Gunn has a good track record of modernizing lesser-known characters for mainstream audiences.

Although it doesn’t guarantee that New gods being revived doesn’t rule out that possibility either, especially if Gunn and Safran deem these characters worthy of being a part of the new DCU plans. If it can’t be explored as a movie, New gods could always be retooled as a TV show much like Netflix did The Sandman. Given the great and extensive mythology that exists in Kirby’s mythology, a New gods Series could be DC’s answer game of Thrones and house of the dragon, especially on HBO Max or even HBO. As DC Studios pushes the DCU forward, hopefully there will be a place for them New gods project in a way.

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