Damian Wayne assembles a team to save the DC Universe

To stop Pariah’s dark army Dark Crisis on Infinite EarthsDamian Wayne assembles a small team for a plan hatched by young Robin.

A preview for Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 shows Damian outside the Hall of Justice and in the middle of the battle between the heroes of Earth and the Dark Army. He comes up with a plan to stop the army and tries to get his superson Jon Kent to join him, but Jon insists he stay on the battlefield and Damian take a small team instead. Damian decides his team needs transportation, brawn, energy and brains as he believes Sideways, Power Girl, Dr. Light and himself meet these four categories.

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Finally, the preview features one of DC’s newest heroes in action, Red Canary, who appears to accidentally become the fifth member of Damian’s team after saving her life. Red Canary makes its first appearance in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 and was designed by artist Dan Mora wearing a red leather jacket, ripped fishnet leggings and sneakers, attire similar to Black Canary Dinah Lance’s. before The Dark Armythis legacy hero was seen very briefly in Dark Crisis #3 and Dark Crisis #5.

Dark Crisis: The Dark Army is one of several companion issues for the main event, which will release its final issue on December 20th. Along with Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, other issues to come The Dark Army contain Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1 and Dark Crisis: Warzone #1. The former will explore DC’s reborn infinite multiverse, while the latter will see the events of Dark Crisis through the eyes of various characters, such as Iris West, Linda Park and others.

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After Dark Crisis comes Lazarus Planet and Dawn of DC

As for the future of Damian’s team of heroes, only plans for Damian and Power Girl have been announced by DC, while the next adventures of Sideways, Dr. Light and Red Canary are yet to be announced. Damian and Power Girl will both appear in the upcoming Lazarus planet Event that turns from the Batman vs Robin miniseries. Lazarus planet is also a prequel to the year-long Dawn of DC saga, which is slated for 2023 and will see the debut of numerous new series for various heroes such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Shazam and more.

Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 was written by Mark Waid, Delilah S. Dawson and Dennis Culver, illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II and Jack Herbert, colored by Adriano Lucas and lettered by Troy Peteri. The main cover artwork for the issue is by Gleb Melnikov, with alternate cover art by Taj Tenfold and Werther Dell’edera. The issue will go on sale November 22 by DC Comics.

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