DC AG is suing Washington Commanders for the second time in 2 weeks

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Washington Commanders Lawsuit Overview:

  • Who: The Attorney General for the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the Washington Commanders.
  • Why: The Washington Commanders are accused of failing to lawfully return security deposits to consumers who contracted with them to secure prime seats at their NFL games.
  • Where: The lawsuit has been filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

The Washington Commanders of the National Football League wrongly withheld security deposits from consumers who had contracts with the team to reserve premium seats, a new lawsuit says.

The District of Columbia (DC) alleges that the Washington Commanders “prioritised their own earnings over fairness” and “deceived the district’s consumers” by allegedly withholding deposits that “should have been automatically repaid.”

DC further argues that the Washington Commanders misused the deposits – which it claims had to be returned to consumers under the terms of their contracts – for their own ends.

“Although the team promised these consumers through its contracts that it would automatically refund deposits within 30 days of contract expiration, the team instead fraudulently held those funds,” the Washington Commanders lawsuit reads.

Washington Commanders are accused of withholding bail for more than a decade in some cases

DC claims the Washington Commanders held the bails for more than a decade in some cases while allegedly using the funds for the team’s own purposes.

“The team took advantage of the fact that at the end of a long-term contract, many consumers simply forgot they ever paid a deposit,” the Washington Commanders lawsuit states.

DC argues that if a consumer reclaims their security deposit, the Washington Commanders would complicate the process by imposing “additional, onerous terms that contradict the terms of the contract.”

“As a result of these fraudulent practices, the team is unlawfully withholding hundreds of thousands of dollars that rightfully belong to district residents,” the Washington Commanders lawsuit states.

The Washington Commanders are accused of breaking the law District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act. DC is requesting a jury trial, seeking an injunction and a declaratory judgment, as well as disgorgement, restitution and damages.

The lawsuit is the second in two weeks that the DC Attorney General has filed against the Washington Commanders, with the team also facing charges make misleading statements to the public about its handling of an investigation into allegations that it has a toxic workplace.

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The District of Columbia is represented by Adam R. Teitelbaum, Spencer E. Scoville and Nicole S. Hill of the District Attorney General’s Office.

That Lawsuit of the Washington Commanders is District of Columbia vs. Pro Football Inc. d/b/a Washington Commandersin the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

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