DC Area Forecast: A chilly taste of winter today, but a warm-up in sight


A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: A sunny but blustery January day with wind chills in the 20s – winter gear required.

  • Today: Mostly sunny, gusty breezes, unusually cold. Heights: Mid 30s to almost 40s.
  • This evening: Mostly clear, cold, decreasing wind. Lows: Upper teens to mid-20s.
  • Morning: Mostly sunny, a bit windy. Highs: Mid to high 40’s.

Welcome to a cold, winter-like day with a few days left before Thanksgiving, with temperatures struggling to reach the high 30s to near 40s and wind chills in the 20s. Some relief is on the horizon, however, as temperatures begin to warm up tomorrow through mid-week. Weather shouldn’t affect travel plans ahead of Thanksgiving, but we do see chances of rain through Thursday night or Friday.

Today (Sunday): Lots of sunshine today, but you might want to admire it under the heated blanket while sipping hot cocoa. It feels more like mid-January than late November. After mornings started in the 20’s, afternoon highs are not registered until the mid 30’s to near 40’s. And factoring in a biting breeze with gusts from the northwest approaching 35 mph makes it feel more like the 20s all day. Hat, gloves and scarf in the game. Confidence: High

This evening: The winds die down quickly in the early evening. Otherwise mostly clear and cold with lows in the high teens to mid 20’s. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Monday): After the ice-cold start, temperatures will rise again with mostly sunny skies. Afternoon highs should hit the mid to high 40s, which is still about 10 degrees below average but noticeably less chilly than Sunday. A south-southwest wind is responsible for the slight warming, but it will be slightly windy in the afternoon with gusts of around 20 km/h. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Still clear skies. Cool, but not quite as cold as tonight, with lows in the mid 20s to 30s. Confidence: High

Travel plans ahead of Thanksgiving on Tuesday and Wednesday look calm in the DMV — and most of the eastern US — with moderate temperatures due to weather.

Tuesday is again mostly sunny with highs near 50’s to the low 50’s. The warming trend continues Wednesday with highs in the mid to possibly high 50’s. Tuesday and Wednesday night lows are also less cool, reaching into the 30s. Confidence: Medium-High

Thanksgiving is looking pretty good too, with altitudes in the 50’s and increasing clouds. Confidence: Medium

We’re keeping an eye out for possible rain through Thursday evening or Friday, but at this point models aren’t fully in agreement on our next potential storm system, so stay tuned to us for updates over the next few days.


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