DC confirms that a new Titans team is coming to the DC Universe

DC Comics is teasing the arrival of a new team of Titans, as the beloved band of heroes will reunite in Nightwing’s home of Bludhaven.

Spoilers for Nightwing #101 from DC ComicsThat Titans are poised for a major comeback in the DC Universe as a new team will set up their new base of operations in Nightwing’s home of Bludhaven. In a new preview for nightwing #101 by DC Comics, the prompt shows the Titans will form again. While members are not shown, the preview strongly suggests that the Teen Titans’ most iconic characters, including Starfire and Cyborg, will be part of the roster’s latest iteration.


The Teen Titans are one of DC’s finest super teams when the group formed DC Comics presents #26 in 1980 and quickly became one of the most popular hero groups in all of comics. The original lineup featured Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy, with these heroes playing key roles with the Teen Titans and later the Titans, an older iteration of the team. In the final story arcs, the Titans helped run the Titans Academy and help train the next generation of heroes. Next, the Titans reform along with Nightwing at his home base.

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In their 2023 candidacy reveals, DC Comics shared a new preview for nightwing #101 by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. A first look at the upcoming issue reveals that after the break time for Dick Grayson’s Nightwing during the Dark Crisis Event he will gather a group of friends and start a new version of the Titans. However, instead of operating in Titans Tower, the group will come to Nightwing’s home of Bludhaven and continue their heroic journeys around the city.

Who is on the new titans?

Nightwing variant Cover Titans

From the previews, including the Travis Moore variant cover art for the series, DC teases that the new Titans will be a reunion of the original Teen Titans. Artwork features Starfire, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Raven, and Beast Boy alongside Nightwing. For Teen Titans fans, it’s pretty exciting to see the heroes reunite as a team. Check out the prompt below.

After the events of Dark Crisis, Superman has a conversation with Nightwing, letting him know that now is Dick’s time to take charge… so Nightwing gathers a group of friends to become the premier league in the DC Universe and moves theirs Base of operations to Bludhaven. Meet the new Titans!

Then, after the events of the Nightwing 2022 Annual and the Superman and Nightwing crossover, Nightwing continues to mentor Jon Kent in a way Dick learned from Batman… but in his own, more encouraging way.

The Teen Titans have grown up and become important heroes in the DC Universe. So it’s an exciting affair to see them potentially reunite as the Titans as adults. But will DC Comics add a new member to the Titans, or will it just be the original Teen Titans returning to action? Readers can get to know the new Titans in nightwing #101 by DC Comics, available in comic stores in February.

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