DC enhances Superman’s doomsday battle with one crucial detail

Warning: contains spoilers for The Life of Superman, to appear in The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special!For the 30th anniversary of superman epic fight with end of the world, DC upped the story – with a twist. 1992s death of Superman The story was a milestone in DC history, a major event that made waves in the mainstream, and now the publisher is reviving that fateful event The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special, with new stories from the creative teams behind the mega event. In the cover story, The Life of Superman, the Man of Steel finds himself facing Doomsday again – albeit with a few twists.


The Death of Superman Story ironically arose because of his engagement to Lois Lane. The creative teams behind the superman The titular family had every intention of going through with the marriage — until the ABC network announced it Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The show’s producers also intended for the two to marry, and it was decided to postpone the wedding until it was televised. That superman Creative teams needed an epic new story to tell, so the decision was made to kill the Man of Steel and explore the ramifications of a world without Superman. Thanks to a slow day in the news cycle, the mainstream media picked up the story and made it a national talking point, and now, 30 years later, DC is paying homage to this epic tale.

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On the anniversary of Superman’s death, the Man of Steel faces a new and deadlier twist on Doomsday. As he and Superman battle their way through Metropolis, the new Doomsday grows wings and develops heat vision; These adjustments make it extremely difficult for Superman to keep up. Concerned that history will repeat itself, Superman realizes that he will need a miracle to get out of this story. Salvation comes from Lois Lane, who has discovered that the new Doomsday is actually human, a construction worker named Crayton. Crayton found a bone that had broken off from Doomsday during his original fight with Superman; genetic residues from the bone turned Crayton into another doomsday. Lois takes the bone to Superman, who shatters it with his thermal vision, restoring Crayton’s humanity and saving Metropolis in the process. The story was written and illustrated by Dan Jurgens, colorized by Brett Breeding, colorized by Brad Anderson, and lettered by John Workman.

Superman’s new doomsday battle has twists that the first didn’t have.

Superman vs. Doombreaker

The original death of Superman was essentially a slugfest between the two combatants; They literally beat each other to death, and while this is happening there are some critical differences, aside from Superman surviving the encounter. First, the new Doomsday is far more deadly than the original, being able to adapt to any type of attack in seconds and therefore having powers the original didn’t have like flight and thermal vision. As a result of Doomsday’s upgrades, Superman realized he wouldn’t be able to just punch his way out of this one – he had to be one step ahead of Doomsday. Finally, this time Superman had help, both from Lois, who deduced the identity of the new doomsday, and from Jon, who ran disruptions. Without her he might have perished again.

Superman’s new approach to fighting Doomsday reflects the changes the Man of Steel has undergone since his last fall, namely becoming a family man. Superman’s first fight with Doomsday was about saving the city and the world, and while that was the mission, this time Superman also had a family to protect, which inspired him to fight harder. These changes have added a fresh layer to it superman fight with apocalypse.

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The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 is available now from DC Comics.


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