DC is quietly assembling a whole new Watchmen team

DC Comics has been a while, but The New Golden Age #1 hints at the next generation of Watchmen heroes coming together to form a new team.

Warning! Contains spoilers for The New Golden Age #1!It appears that Guardian The only super team will live on in interesting ways DC universe. The New Golden Age #1 shows that inspired by several heroes Guardian Crimebusters are on a collision course with each other and a group tries to stop him.

While Guardian has been largely an independent story since its inception, the popular superhero deconstruction has evolved into a much larger part of the DCU. During DC’s Rebirth era, major clues began to drop these characters Guardian came to interact with DC’s most notable characters. The release of doomsday clock made up for those lures and let the heroes of the DC Universe have a one-on-one confrontation with Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias. However, more recent heroes began to stand up and take on the identities of others Guardian Characters like Reggie Long, the next generation version of Rorschach.


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But these new heroes don’t stop taking on the roles of Guardian most famous heroes. Her future was hinted at The New Golden Age #1 by Geoff Johns, Scott Kollins, Jerry Ordway, Brandon Peterson, Gary Frank, Steve Lieber and Viktor Bogdanovic. The DC Universe’s premier time travel team, the Time Masters, find themselves in a precarious state after the tachyon trail they were following went cold. The team tries to track down Clark Dreiberg, the young man who was empowered by Doctor Manhattan before leaving existence altogether. Unfortunately, others are also looking for the powerful fellow, such as his biological parents, the costumed criminals Marionette and Mime. But the time masters seem much more concerned that “Ozymandias’ fan girl‘, also known as Nostalgia, or the new Rorschach Reggie Long will find him before the time travelers can reach Clark first.

What a new Guardian Team means to DC Comics

Watchmen Team Golden Age DC Comics

While Reggie Long was the first newcomer Guardian Heroine Cleopatra Pak has established herself as the new Ozymandias. Combine these two with the Watchman, aka Clark Dreiberg and heir to Doctor Manhattan’s power, and that’s three members of Guardian original crimebusters team with legacies. All that’s missing is a new comedian, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre. But considering Clark’s adopted sister is the daughter of the latter two heroes, there could be a fourth member taking over Guardian identity of the hero. Soon enough, DC could have a new generation of the Crimebusters team in its universe.

The New Golden Age #1 opens a new chapter for DC, one that emphasizes the importance of legacies and younger heroes. While Guardian had heroes who wore the identities of older costumed adventurers like Nite Owl, there has never been a group of heroes inspired by the Crimebusters. Some fans might have issues with DC creating a new team so obviously modeled after Guardian cast, but they may find it preferable to having the original team used as traditional superheroes. A new generation could be an interesting path separate from the original Guardian while DC continues to highlight younger superheroes. Fans can see for themselves what else is out there direct current may have planned Guardian in The New Golden Age #1 Now available.

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