DC reveals the REAL reason Batman will never kill

Everyone knows Batman has his only rule of not crossing the line and killing, but DC just revealed the real reason he has that rule.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #127!Batman‘s “No Killing” rule is so famous that even criminals know about it, it’s one of the defining traits of Bruce Wayne’s character, however DC comics recently gave a very interesting answer as to why the Dark Knight will never cross that line.

Killing has never been a mainstay of Batman’s character; Even way back in the 1940s when Batman first appeared, he very rarely killed unless he deemed it absolutely necessary, and this lasted barely a year after his creation. For the other 80 years of Batman’s existence, he had a firm rule against killing. The reason Batman never kills has been tossed around a lot. Sometimes it’s because of the values ​​instilled in him by his father, who was a doctor. Sometimes it’s because he doesn’t believe you can build a better society on the deaths of others. And sometimes it’s all of those reasons, but recently DC introduced a new reason.


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With Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez Batman #127, Readers see how far Batman will go to keep himself from ever crossing that line. Batman’s backup personality, Zur-En-Arrh, created his own backup, the Android Failsafe. Failsafe is programmed to activate if Batman ever goes too far and takes a life. In this case, Failsafe is to hunt down Batman and capture him. Since Zur-En-Arrh is a backup personality, Bruce shouldn’t have been aware of Failsafe’s existence, but since he knew Batman and knew he was planning for every possibility, the idea that Batman wouldn’t know that Zur- En-Arrh could create a contingency in itself makes no sense. Batman is the man who plans everything.

Batman would know he did a failover

Batman failsafe

Batman knows of the personality Zur-En-Arrh, a violent and out of control personality who can take over when Bruce Wayne is mentally compromised. So it’s surprising that Batman would not possibly consider the possibility of Zur-En-Arrh creating a contingency of his own. But it explains why Batman knows he’ll never break his one rule. Aside from the moral implications of killing or the fact that it goes against what Batman believes in, Bruce would know that due to the fact that he plans everything, he would plan for himself. This is especially true after seeing what happens when a Batman goes evil. Batman must know deep down that if he ever crossed that line, some sort of contingency plan would be waiting to stop him, and that he would design it in a way he didn’t know how to stop or circumvent.

Batman has plans for everything he’s always had. The man has built secret bases on the moon, hidden lairs around the planet, and contingency plans for defeating the Justice League. There is no doubt that if Batman had he ever gone too far and been killed, there would be at least a dozen failsafes waiting for him, which is why he knows he must avoid killing even if he wanted to.

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