DC reveals which hero has the worst superhero name

There are a handful of DC Comics heroes and villains with questionable names, but for one character, she thinks she has the worst of them all.

Spoilers for The Human Target #9 from DC Comics

A Surprise DC Comics Hero, Ice, believes they have the worst superhero names of anyone in the DC Universe. in the The human goal #9 by DC Comics, Ice admits her name is uncreative, and jokes that it’s something a six-year-old would come up with — though in reality the codename was dreamed up by someone who probably could have been a bit more creative with her nickname .

The DC Universe is full of great and not-so-great codenames for heroes and villains. The best names are Batman, Martian Manhunter and Superman, which will help paint a picture of the nicknamed hero. However, some attempting to achieve the same goal, including Lady Cop, Matter-Eater Lad, and Arm-Fall-Off Boy, show that DC Comics gives its characters some of the most bizarre names in comics. However, a surprising former Justice Leaguer, Ice just admitted that she has the worst superhero name of them all.


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in the The human goal from DC Comics’ Tom King, Greg Smallwood and Clayton Cowles, Christopher Chance and Ice confront the truth behind his impending death. When Ice hints that Chance is having trouble speaking about his true feelings, she shares one of her biggest insecurities and admits she has the “worst superhero name”. Ice further reveals that while the uncreative name for someone with Ice powers might seem like it was dreamed up by a six-year-old, it was actually invented by a marketing guy at the United Nations.

Ice’s name might be simple, but it’s far from the worst

While Ice’s name is among the least creative in comics, being based on her ability to control ice and snow, it’s far from the worst in the pages of DC Comics. Alongside her crime-fighting partner, Fire, Ice is one of the best combos of heroes to associate with one another despite their simple codenames. Is Ice’s name one of the least creative? Yes. Is it the worst of the worst? Probably not. But it’s understandable why she might think it is.

Ice admitted that she believes having one of the worst superhero names was a key moment of vulnerability for the character, who shared her own struggles with her nickname in hopes Christopher Chance would tell her more about his impending death. However, during Ice may have one of DC Comics’ simplest names, it doesn’t rank among the worst ever. The human goal #9 by DC Comics is now available in comic book stores.

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