DC shows which hero like Marvel’s Dr. doom is

Although both have very different designs and abilities, Doctor Doom and Black Adam are both in control of their respective lands.

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Adam #7It’s often easy to see the similarities between Marvel and DC characters, but sometimes it’s hard to see, such as with Black Adam and dr doom.

Even apart from what happens to Dark Crisis, Black Adam has a lot of records to juggle at once. After falling ill, a descendant of Black Adam, Malik White, later regained his powers and became a new champion named White Adam. Additionally, Black Adam has faced political scrutiny for the dictator-like behavior he has displayed in his country of Kahndaq.


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in the Black Adam #6 by Priest and Eddy Barrows, Black Adam has caught the attention of Batman. In addition to being unhappy that Black Adam is a member of the Justice League, Batman is critical of Black Adam’s role as the leader of Kahndaq. Bruce Wayne has even funded rebel fighters in the country as he says freedom is non-negotiable. Black Adam counters this argument by stating that it is his country and what happens within its borders is his business and not Bruce Wayne’s.

Black Adam and Doctor Doom are both dictators of their own countries.

Black Adam and Batman fight

This back-and-forth dialogue immediately draws pictures of Dr. Doom having the same debate with various Marvel heroes like Captain America and the Fantastic Four. As the leader of Latveria, Doom rules his country with an iron fist. There is no free press in his country, and he quickly repels any form of resistance or plans to undermine his rule. He’s even a fierce defender of his sovereignty, and Marvel heroes are afraid of invading his country because of the political backlash.

It’s often obvious when characters from Marvel and DC share similarities. Characters like Superman and Hyperion as well as Deadpool and Deathstroke have clear lines to each other. Although they are both dictators, Dr. Doom and Black Adam still have unique representations of their own. Their design styles are completely different. Also their abilities are almost opposite. Doctor Doom has magical abilities, but for the most part, he’s primarily a scientific villain. That’s why he opposes the scientist Reed Richards. Likewise, Black Adam’s specialty is absolutely magical. So while Black Adam and dr doom While both are the most prominent dictators in their respective universes, they are nonetheless unique and original.

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Black Adam #6 is available now from DC Comics.


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