DC turns Zatanna and Constantine’s relationship on its head with a shock confession

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Batman #1!DC flipped the script about the relationship between John Constantine and zatanna with a shocking admission. The two have been an on-and-off couple for many years and in a story that appears in Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Batman #1 Readers get new insights into their relationship and who exactly plays what role in it.

John Constantine and Zatanna are positive proof that opposites attract. Zatanna hails from magical royalty; Her father Zatara was a world-renowned magician whose daughter inherited his powers. On the other hand, Constantine hails from a working class background and while magic also runs in his family, he did not have a nurturing environment and was not brought up in the tradition. In fact, Constantine sometimes gets by with cunning and cunning rather than magic. Despite their differences, the two have found each other and fallen in and out of love many times. Recently on the pages of justice league darkThe two took steps to rekindle their relationship, but any joy was short-lived as the Justice League, including Zatanna, were killed to begin with Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. In reality, however, Zatanna and the League have been whisked away to alternate worlds based on their innermost desires – and now the surviving heroes must scour the omniverse for them.


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In the ‘Time’s Up’ issue story from Meghan Fitzmartin, Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, Zatanna is trapped in her own world where her power continues to grow. Zatanna senses something trying to get through to her, but she’s not sure what it is. She then finds herself on a city street and confronted by John Constantine, who tells Zatanna that she made it difficult to find her. She attacks him and asks who to boss her around. John answers “You know who I am,” before morphing into the new 52 era version of Zatanna. This variant tells Zatanna that she originally chose the form of Constantine because he is the “voice of reason” in her life, no matter how hard she tries to admit it. The Presence, revealed to be Zatanna’s inner consciousness, next takes the form of her father Zatara before she can break free from her false world and reunite with the Justice League.

Constantine IS the voice of reason for Zatanna

Zatanna John Constantine relationship

Those close to John Constantine have many names for him, most unflattering, but “the voice of reason” is rarely one of them. It may seem like an unlikely role for him; The rest of the DC Universe sees John as arrogant, a failure, and a drunkard, and his words and actions often reinforce those impressions. However, Constantine has acted as the voice of reason for Zatanna on many occasions; his pragmatic nature fits perfectly with her own ambition. Constantine grounds the far more powerful Zatanna and seeing Constantine was enough to cause Zatanna to question the world around her.

While he may be a grinning agent of chaos to pretty much everyone else in his life, it turns out he is John Constantine is the voice of reason too zatannashowing that whatever the rest of the Justice League may believe, the ultimate villain is is able to maintain a healthy relationship – albeit with one of the most powerful magic users in existence.

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Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Batman #1 is available now from DC Comics


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