DC Vs. Vampire #11 Review

The penultimate chapter of DC Vs. Vampires has finally started! Batgirl, Supergirl, and Green Arrow each make their final matches against the vampire horde. Unfortunately, the stakes are sky high and there’s no room for error in their final hours.

I want to ask Tynion and Rosenberg the hard questions first. Constantine’s status has been extremely confusing since the beginning of the second half of the series. Constantine somehow got over his burns and injuries from the cave to drink under the care of Alfred Pennyworth. I’m not sure if his survival is a big reveal or something I should have known, but there has remained an inconsistency between the connections. Alfred even criticizes Constantine’s leadership of each of the groups as basically she just sits on the sidelines while they all die. The only thing that catches the absent leader’s attention is Damian’s return to Gotham.

Speaking of Gotham, Batgirl’s big game of killing the vampires with Bat Signals in the last issue has run its course. Before they know it, the enemies have Barbara and her team surrounded in a kill box they built themselves. For some reason, Batgirl’s strategy involves four people holding back hundreds of vampires. She even counts on the rest of the bat family to come to her rescue. To her credit, the plan goes off without a hitch, but overall it achieves very little. On paper, Rosenberg and Tynion trick them into sneaking into Gotham, killing a bunch of vampires, and then running away hoping a very different plan works.

Interestingly, Kara eventually arrives at her destination. Apparently the vampires were trying to achieve galactic neutrality by shipping aliens off the planet. Though vampires are sure of their dominion over the earth, they cannot advance much further into the stars. Luckily, these ships offer Kara the exact solution to her weakness. The only obstacles Supergirl’s crew must overcome are Manhunter, Miss Martian and the opportunistic bounty hunter Lobo. Steel uses Lobo’s wavering loyalty to betray the vampires by helping them get to the shuttles. While I enjoyed this sequence, I couldn’t help but feel like I saw a lot of things being done in it War of stars.

While Ollie, Grifter, and Swamp Thing don’t achieve any more than the previous edition, I still appreciate how good they look together. In terms of presentation, Otto Schmidt has a very nice cinematic touch that he brings to every panel. All graphics and lettering maintain a fun and energetic tone, while each of the stylized characters adds personality to the book. Schmidt’s character designs for Mr. Freeze, Mother Panic, KGBeast, Condiment King and more never disappoint in their creativity. However, this particular edition has much sloppier craftsmanship in color and illustration. Luckily, the mood of the artwork is strong enough to overlook the small imperfections.

Recommended if…

  • You are on your way to graduation DC Vs. Vampires.
  • You are a fan of the artworks of Otto Schmidt.
  • You think Batgirl, a zombie, and her family members who kill vampires are cool.

In total

Recently, my expectations have dropped further DC Vs. Vampires. As long as I’m still enjoying the artwork and the concept, I can forgive the small missteps in storytelling and continuity. I really enjoyed the combat in this installment, despite its poor strategic layout. Despite my concerns about continuity, I was happy to see that Constantine did indeed survive. Also, I think the strongest aspect of the series and its spinoffs was the team building. Even the villain crews’ match-ups were consistently interesting, going anywhere or not. Ultimately, I’m glad the series is ending soon and hope the resolution is worth all the trouble.

Result: 7/10

Disclaimer: DC Comics provided Batman News with a free copy of this comic for this review.


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