DC’s version of Spider-Man is the least appreciated hero of all time

DC’s version of Spider-Man, Sideways plays a key role in saving the multiverse during the recent crisis – but its importance goes unrecognized.

Spoilers for Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics

DC’s version of Spider-Man is proving to be much more than a rip-off from Marvel’s web-slinger Sideways plays an extremely important role in the multiverse. In Dark Crisis: The Dark Army, Sideways holds the key to saving the multiverse from infection by those who wish to control it – proving he is one of the most overlooked heroes in the DC Universe.

Sideways is one of the lesser-known heroes in the DC Universe, as Derek James first appeared in The New Ages of DC Heroes and debuted in his own self-titled series. While his powers to create trans-dimensional portals to travel through the DC Multiverse don’t compare to Spider-Man’s, the hero immediately received comparisons to the web-slinger due to his similar personality, motivation, and design. After his 13-issue series at DC Comics was cancelled, Sideways has made rare appearances at some DC Comics events – but in the current Dark Crisis event, his incredible (and important) powers prove why he’s DC’s least appreciated hero is.


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in the Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics’ Mark Waid, Delilah S. Dawson, Dennis Culver, Freddie E. Williams II, Jack Herbert, Adriano Lucas and Troy Peteri, Sideways is among the heroes attempting to stop the Dark Army while leading the group teleports from battling corrupt villains (including Darkseid) to Earth-65 to temporary security. In a subsequent conversation between Sideways and Red Canary, DC’s Spider-Man reveals that nobody ever takes him seriously until “they need a rift.” Red Canary is shocked when she rightly points out that he is the only reason they survived against the Dark Army.

Sideways plays a crucial role in saving the entire DC Multiverse

Sideways DC's Spider-Man powers

While Sideways may not have the respect of Robin or other DC heroes, his powers are critical to saving the multiverse. Without his transdimensional rifts, the heroes would not have been able to stop the corrupted Justice League Incarnate from corrupting the multiverse. Sideways has proven to be so much more than a Spider-Man ripoff, because while he’s still incredibly unappreciated by his fellow heroes, there’s no way you can win against the Dark Army without him.

The DC Universe might already have been decimated without Sideways’ help. His powers to guide heroes through the multiverse were crucial in keeping the Great Darkness at bay, as evidenced by the heroes’ recent encounter with the corrupt Justice League Incarnate. So it’s about time DC’s version of Spider-Man got the respect it deserves. Ultimately, Sideways must be credited for his massive role in saving the multiverse – even if he’s an inexperienced high schooler. Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics is now available in comic book stores.

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