Did James Gunn Just Tease New Green Lantern’s DCU Debut?

DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn has a number of characters on the way for the new DC Universe that appear to include the Green Lantern.

Although the biggest names from Warner Bros.’ (WB) catalog of heroes in the former DC Extended Universe, one hero who has yet to get his chance to shine is Green Lantern. After Ryan Reynolds’ ill-fated 2011 solo film brought Hal Jordan to life on the big screen, the Lantern hasn’t been part of a live-action story in any subsequent DC stories for the past decade.

The Alan Scott and Guy Gardner versions of the hero were recently on the verge of making their own debut in the DC Universe, although the Green Lantern Corps The show has been delayed as it shifts its focus to John Stewart as the main character. The fact remains, however, that any version of the Green Lantern is notably absent from DC movies or TV shows, and there’s no indication as to when that might change.

But now that could change, according to the latest reports from DC’s new top man, James Gunn.

James Gunn hints at Green Lantern’s arrival?

Green Lantern comic book cover
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DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn hinted that Green Lantern is not far from taking its place in the new era of the DC Universe.

Twitter user @UnoTheReverse responded to a post by Gunn showing DC’s biggest characters celebrating Thanksgiving, noting that the Green Lantern wasn’t in the picture. This led him to believe that Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran “I have no intention of including this character in the DCU” in the near future:

“No Green Lanterns in this image, so I can say with confidence that Gunn and Safran have no intention of bringing this character into the DCU, this is a change I am 100% convinced of

Gunn quickly responded to this tweet and made it clear that this report was a “Probably not a good blockbuster” while wishing the user a happy Thanksgiving.

This comes after reports suggested Warner Bros. had changed the plan for what’s coming Green Lantern Corps Show and changed the main character from the originally planned Alan Scott and Guy Gardner to John Stewart.

Initially, Stewart wasn’t an option for the series, but that plan changes when former DC Films President Walter Hamada resigned his position. Gunn and Safran reportedly had no input into the decision.

As part of this change, the Green Lantern show’s budget was expected to drop significantly from the originally planned $120 million, a change that came with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s plan to cut costs.

When will the Green Lantern become part of the DCU story?

As one of the founding members of the Justice League, it’s shocking that the Green Lantern hasn’t played a major role in DC’s interconnected universe until now. In truth, he was relegated to just a few small cameos in both versions of justice league with no true plot or stories to shine in.

Thankfully, James Gunn seems to have plans to fix this issue in the near future. What’s even more exciting is that the head of DC Studios has more than a handful of potential Lanterns to cast in leading roles, including Hal Jordan and John Stewart, among others.

The big question now is whether the hero will appear in his own HBO Max show, a new theatrical film, or even both as Gunn and Safran flesh out what the DCU will look like for years to come. And according to Gunn, fans should hear more details on this front after the New Year, as hopes of the Green Lanterns’ arrival continue to grow.