Even Batman admits that Black Adam is a Superman-level powerhouse

In Black Adam #6, Batman takes on the title character and in the end confirms that Adam is just as powerful as Superman with a classic Batsuit.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Black Adam #6!It appears that Batman confirmed that Black Adams Power is on par with superman. in the Black Adam #6the Dark Knight faces off against Adam, using a very familiar armor that proves Shazam’s fallen champion is just as powerful as the Man of Steel.

The Justice League is made up of some of the most powerful individuals in the DC Universe. Between those who can travel to other universes at speed alone, or those who have the power to fight alien armies single-handedly, the team doesn’t exactly want power. But of the members of the Justice League, it’s Superman who usually takes the crown as the team’s number one powerhouse. Since he first burst onto the superhero scene, the feats he’s capable of have only gotten more impressive. There’s no denying that there is real talent on the team, but few who can match Superman in raw power.


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However, Superman does have competition and Batman has confirmed this. in the Black Adam #6 by Christopher Priest and Eddy Barrows, the series’ title character faces the Dark Knight following Black Adam’s recent exploits. A fighter pilot has died in Kahndaq thanks to Black Adam, and Batman has come to confront the magical anti-hero. Black Adam has his own problems with Bruce Wayne, as the businessman has been secretly funding a pro-democracy movement in Kahndaq, Black Adam’s ruled nation. Both Batman and Black Adam are ready to give everything against each other. To battle a Black Adam at his full magical capacity, Batman has come to their fight in a particularly memorable armour: a mechanized Batsuit very similar to the one he wore The dark knight returns.

How Batman confirms that Black Adam and Superman are the same

Batman Dark Knight Returns Armor Black Adam DC Comics

Comic fans will recognize Batmans everywhere Dark Knight returns Armor. It appeared in the dramatic showdown between Batman and Superman and helped give the aging Bruce a chance against Clark. While Frank Miller’s classic Batsuit wasn’t originally a canon suit, it has appeared in the Prime Earth DC universe as something Batman only ever brings out against a high-level threat. So when Batman unwraps that particular armor against Black Adam, it’s a pretty solid endorsement of just how powerful the anti-hero really is.

It’s hard to really measure something as unquantifiable as a hero’s true power level. To tell a compelling story, Superman or any other hero is as strong as they need to be. But the armor that Batman wore The dark knight returns is something he only uses against something far more powerful than himself. So if he’s willing to wear a variation of this to confront Black Adam, it shows how much he sees the man as a threat. He might not accept superman himself, but the antihero gets a decent endorsement thanks to him Batman in Black Adam #6 available everywhere.

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