Flash’s Speed ​​Force exposes the Justice League’s corruption

It looks like the Flash’s place in the Justice League may cause them to look the other way in regards to the Speed ​​Force’s more unseemly behavior.

The Speed ​​Force could be that flashes greatest advantage, but its existence may reveal a real problem with the justice league. Several incidents have shown that the phenomenon poses a serious threat that the team of heroes may turn a blind eye to.

While little is known about the origins of the Speed ​​Force or how it works, one thing is certain, Barry Allen has been one of the fastest things in the DC Universe since he was first exposed to its power. In fact, any speedster connected to the power of the Speed ​​Force is blessed with the ability to defy the laws of physics and even travel backwards and forwards through time. Bearing Flash’s lightning insignia, Barry and the various heroes continue to find new and amazing uses of the power bestowed by the Speed ​​Force.


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That said, it seems there’s a little catch that comes with Flash’s Speed ​​Force, and it could blame him and the entire Justice League for something pretty bad. in the The Flash #37 by Robert Venditti, Van Jensen and Brett Booth, Barry got lost in the Speed ​​Force after helping heal a rift in the Source that threatened all time and space. As a result, he ends up in a realm known as the Savage Speed ​​​​​​Force, a part of the squad that has picked different fauna from across history in one place. And the Savage Speed ​​Force is not only home to dinosaurs from the past and future, people from different eras also live in this world. Even Flash is impressed at how many victims were taken from their homes by the Speed ​​Force.

The Justice League must face the Blitz

Flash Speed ​​​​Force Missing DC Comics

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the first time the Speed ​​Force has kidnapped innocent people and taken them to the power source. Just a few arcs before this mishap, a fluctuation in the Speed ​​Force held several Central City citizens for months until Barry realized where they were. The idea that there is a mysterious power that can bend time and space to its will while stealing people seems like something that would get in the way of the Justice League. But thanks to Flash’s connection to the Speed ​​Force, they may never bring it up.

Flash is an important member of the League. Thanks to him, they were able to stop the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid invasions and a stream of enemy supervillain threats. But Flash is only the hero he is because of the speed granted by the Speed ​​Force, the same one that’s been snapping humans out of the timestream for who knows how long. If it was another power, it would likely warrant an investigation and a League response. But because it helps make Barry the asset he is, the team just doesn’t seem interested in stopping it. When the team is so dependent flashthe justice league could be more corrupt than fans thought.

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