Green Lantern’s most humiliating moment just shaped DC’s cosmic lore

Green Lantern is one of the most respected heroes in the DC Universe, but a humiliating moment from the hero’s past just decided the fate of reality.

Warning: Contains spoilers for DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #4!That Green Lanterns are some of the most powerful and respected heroes in the DC Universe – they are literal guardians of order tasked with helping protect the entire galaxy. However, one member of the Corps was known to be the victim of what is perhaps DC’s most humiliating moment. When Guy Gardner took on Batman in the 1987s Justice League #5the Dark Knight knocked him unconscious with a single blow – a moment fondly remembered by their fellow heroes and now played out on the cosmic plane.


The last chapter of DCeased Saga sees the series’ inanimate virus continue to ravage the universe, even as Earth’s heroes have finally found a cure. Though many are dead, the battle has begun, but in order to heal everyone from the plague spawned by Darkseid, the surviving members of the Justice League must face the galaxy’s most powerful beings, all united by their horrific infection. Against an army of New Gods led by Supergirl and a Yellow Lantern Darkseid, DC’s heroes have never needed each other – which is why it’s such a problem that the Green Lanterns’ Guardians have their own plans.

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At Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #4, the Guardians of Oa have called a meeting to deal with the incoming undead armies that have spread across the galaxy and infected all in their path. During this meeting, a fight breaks out, in part due to Ares’ manipulations, and Superman ends up unintentionally re-enacting one of Green Lantern’s most embarrassing moments. When the Guardian Ganthet tries to hold Superman down for fear of infection, Superman punches Ganthet in the face, knocking him out.

Superman’s “One Punch” takes an iconic moment to the next level

Superman One Punch Ganthet Green Lantern

As Superman humiliates Ganthet in front of everyone, Guy Gardner is seen cheering the loudest, saying gleefully: “He KO’ed a guard with one punch!” It’s a sign of how momentous the moment was – and how fondly fans remember it – that it’s now playing out on a cosmic scale, with the blow in question helping to settle the fate of the galaxy by preventing Ganthet from doing so , to bring Superman out of operation. Iconic comic book moments have a tendency to return in new forms, however DCeased just turned Green Lantern’s “One Punch” moment into one of the defining blows in the fate of an entire reality.

The humiliation of Green Lantern is now a major DC story

Batman knocks out Green Lantern

It’s rare that such a direct reference takes pride of place in defining a moment this big, but it’s incredibly fun to see Green Lantern’s “One Punch” moment return, especially between two of DC’s most powerful characters. With Superman now squarely in the fray, Earth’s heroes can face the greater threat, and it’s all thanks to an awkward moment from Green Lantern‘s past is repeated in the cosmic arena.

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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #4 is available now from DC Comics.


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