In the ’90s, Superboy was about to lose his virginity via knockout


Next year DC Comics is giving a series of his own to the Superboy of the 90’s, Conner Kent, clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, who is celebrating his 30th anniversary. And in a website article by Joshua Lapin Bertone Advertisers for the ’90s series dubbed him “The Twink Of Steel” in a mailing sent out to DC Comics subscribers, Bleeding Cool reported yesterday.

DC Comics Dubs Conner Kent, Superboy,

The article reads;

Years before he took the name Kon-El or Conner, Superboy operated out of Hawaii. When this story was published, the boy of steel was a little bolder, more inexperienced and more impulsive. In other words, he was a teenager with phenomenal powers, but he was overpowered. This leads to Superboy teaming up with Knockout, an Apokolips escapee who was once a member of Granny’s Female Furies. Knockout is every teenager’s dream and Superboy is ecstatic, but his friends have second thoughts. They think Knockout is a bad influence on the Boy of Steel, but Superboy ignores them. Things escalate when a cop is murdered and Knockout is the prime suspect. Against his better judgment, Superboy sides with Knockout, believing that she is innocent. Choosing hormones over heroism, our young hero finds himself on the run from the law and his fellow superheroes. Can he get past his super crush before Knockout puts him down the road of no return?

Former editor of DC Comics Frank Pittarese tweeted “As the editor of this act I agree with the term “twinks of Steel.” PS: Superboy was supposed to lose his virginity on Knockout, but management vetoed it.”

Joshua Lapin-Bertone, author of the article, added: “I wrote the article referenced in the newsletter, but I didn’t write the ‘twink’ line – although I wish I had! Attention. As a kid, I always thought “Losin’ It” referred to his virginity.”

And it looks like that was originally the case. The plot was changed but the title stayed the same…

DC will be releasing one or two new comics a month in 2023

Superboy: The man of tomorrow through Kenny Porter and Jahnoy Lindsaywill be released in April 2023. “Determined to find his place in an alien universe, Conner Kent/Superboy leaves Earth behind. But his journey of self-discovery brings him face-to-face with a group of freedom fighters who challenge not only everything Conner stands for, but what it means to wear the Superman crest.”

Conner Kent wins the DC Comics Round Robin for 2022
Conner Kent wins the DC Comics Round Robin for 2022
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