James Gunn reunites Justice League and JSA with new social media image

DC Studios’ new co-CEO James Gunn celebrates America’s Thanksgiving with an image that unites superhero teams Justice League and JSA.

DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn brings the DC universe along with an image combining the Justice League and the JSA. The Justice League is one of DC Comics’ most prominent superhero teams, with a roster typically including major heroes such as The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman, as dramatized in their 2017 film justice league. Although older than the Justice League, the JSA (Justice Society of America) only recently appeared on screen in the DCU, earlier this year Black Adam.


Today to celebrate American Thanksgiving, Gunn took to Twitter to share a Thanksgiving pic from DC Comics. The image features various heroes from both teams, including Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman from the Justice League, and Hawkman from the Justice Society of America. They all sit around a Thanksgiving table as Jason Garrick toasts The Flash, saying, “Thank you all for coming – and continuing this great tradition. To the greatest heroes in the world!“Check out the following post:

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How the Justice League & JSA can fit into James Gunn’s DCU plans

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Right now, the state of the DCU’s future is in flux. After the delay of the postjustice league sequels Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Lightning by the COVID-19 pandemic. DC’s parent company Warner Bros.’s merger with Discovery also resulted in the cancellation of the planned HBO Max film bat girl, which was already in post-production. Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran have assumed leadership of the company following the departure of former CEO Walter Hamada, they have the opportunity to transform the DCU in a number of ways once the already planned sequels premiere.

There seems to be an easy path for future Justice League and JSA material to be integrated into this year’s DC projects. Black Adam, which premiered this October, featured a Stinger scene that reintroduced Henry Cavill as Superman, returning to the franchise for the first time in five long years. Cavill has teased that he’s returning to the role for several future projects, which could be the reason for his departure The Witcher and won’t be playing Geralt after the next season of his popular Netflix fantasy series. It has been said that the fight between Black Adam and Superman will take place over the course of several films.

Considering that the JSA was introduced into the DC universe in Black Adam, the sequels to this film would be the perfect place to further explore their cast and mission statement. If Superman comes back into the picture, this sequel may be where they meet him, and possibly all of the expanded members of the Justice League remaining in the franchise at that point. While the list is sure to change in the future, particularly if DC wants to sever ties with controversial Flash actor Ezra Miller, there will be plenty of opportunities for the franchise to eventually bring the JSA into their own story, with or without the Justice League.

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