James Gunn sparks speculation about ‘Kingdom Come’ movie with social media post

A new social media post from DC Studios boss James Gunn has sparked massive speculation about the DC Universe film about an adaptation of the Kingdom Come arc.

A new social media cover photo of DC Studios boss James Gunn has sparked speculation about it DC universe adjustment of rich come Plot. It’s a new era for Warner Bros. Discovery when it comes to the DCU. After several years of ebb and flow, the company recently launched DC Studios, run by Gunn and Peter Safran. While Gunn oversees the creative side of DC Studios, Safran will oversee the business side of things and take the DCU in a new direction.


Though the two DC Studios bosses haven’t fully revealed their plans for the DCU just yet, Gunn has left a hint as to what might be in store for the future. When Hive emerged as a popular new social media app, Gunn launched his official profile. But for his cover photo, Gunn a rich come Wallpaper taken from the iconic DC Comics storyline by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The image has now sparked speculation that the DCU under DC Studios may be adapting the infamous storyline in the films.

James Gunn Hive profile

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How Kingdom Come could work in live action

Superman with the rest of the Justice League in Kingdom Come.

While rich come did not take place in the main DC Comics universe, it is considered one of the most popular Elseworlds storylines to ever exist under the imprint. The essence of rich come follows an alternate version of the DC Universe set in the future where heroism has changed and new superheroes lack a moral compass. This forced the Justice League to reunite to bring down the new generation. With rich come Since this isn’t just an alternate DCU story, but a story set in a completely different time, there are several ways the films could approach this storyline, particularly involving the Justice League.

One approach is to literally make an Elseworlds-type movie rich come, which could either use the actors from the DCU or cast a whole new Justice League exploring a grim future. However, if they want to tackle it in the main DCU continuity, the best they could do would be to build up rich comethis is a plot that could appear in a similar epic Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. If DC Studios doesn’t want to explore that rich come As a film, they could also adapt the infamous Waid/Ross arc as a TV show that could explore the storyline for multiple seasons, especially if they get HBO or HBO Max as a platform.

rich come has already gained some momentum in live-action than Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths reintroduced Brandon Routh’s Superman, wearing the infamous suit from the graphic novel. The 5-part crossover also saw the late Kevin Conroy in the franchise playing a Bruce Wayne from Earth-99 wearing the exoskeleton suit worn by Batman rich come. Since this is one of the most popular DC storylines, popular since 1996, it would be tremendous to see it in live action, especially where storytelling is today. Hopefully, as DC Studios continues to move forward, Gunn’s teasing will lead to some potential DCU adaptation of rich come down the line.

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