James Gunn’s DCEU role will be great for Henry Cavill’s Superman

James Gunn will be the main creative force behind it DC universeand that’s great news for Henry Cavill’s Superman Future. Following Black Adam‘s post-credits scene and the shocking announcement that Henry Cavill has quit The Witcher, it seems like Henry Cavill’s Superman return won’t be limited to a possible fight between Superman and Black Adam. A man of steel 2, or any other Superman-centric project, has yet to be announced. However, as teased by Cavill himself, Black Adam‘s Superman scene is just a taste of what’s to come for Superman in the DC Universe.


Just days after Henry Cavill’s Superman return was made official with the premiere of Black AdamIt was officially announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran would be overseeing all upcoming DC shared universe films at what is known as DC Studios. Although Todd Philips’ joker and Matt Reeves’ The Batman set in their own universes and not intended to tie in with other DC films, everything else will now be part of James Gunn’s vision for the DC Universe. As such, the DCEU is expected to be overhauled as audiences know, even if there is no reboot, which will benefit Henry Cavill’s new run as Superman following Superman’s previously divisive performances.

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Will James Gunn direct the new Superman movie?

Henry Cavill in The Man of Steel

To date, no new Superman film has been officially made, nor has a director been attached to a Superman project. With James Gunn now having an executive role at DC Studios, which is an industry first considering creators rarely take on such demanding executive roles, it’s not very likely that will be the case Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad Director directs the DCEU’s next Superman movie. That said THR reports that James Gunn will continue to work on his own DC projects, such as peacemaker Season 2. The possibility of Gunn directing another DC film or show is not ruled out. Even if James Gunn isn’t directing the long-awaited film man of Steel Sequel, the next Superman movie is bound to be part of Gunn’s vision for DC Studios.

How James Gunn’s vision can help create a new Superman movie

James Gunn DC

While it’s still too early to tell what James Gunn’s plans are for the DC Universe, the mere fact that there will now be a coherent vision behind the DC films is good news for the next Superman film . After Zack Snyder’s departure justice league and with all the controversy surrounding this film, the DCEU had avoided creating a new overarching, long-term plan for the franchise. Five years later justice league, Henry Cavill’s Superman had not appeared; Ben Affleck’s Batman should return The Lightning and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomalthough Michael Keaton also returns as Batman; bat girl was canceled and there was no indication of it Justice League 2 happens in the foreseeable future.

No new DCEU movie has been announced for the next few years, which means after that aquaman 2the future of DC’s shared universe remains a mystery. It’s safe to say that new DC movies and shows will be announced once James Gunn’s plans for the newly formed DC Studios become more solid. With a cohesive vision and overarching story guiding the DC Universe, not only Henry Cavill’s Superman but all corners of the previous DCEU will have an exciting future. For example a potential justice league Sequel could finally make the DC Universe feel as connected as it was originally intended to be.

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is what Man Of Steel 2 was meant to be

The Suicide Squad cast and Henry Cavill as Superman

Even before his role at DC Studios, James Gunn had shown what a man of steel 2 should be like 2021 The Suicide Squad. That’s not to say that the next Superman movie should have the same tone and pace as The Suicide Squadjust that The Suicide SquadThe soft restart of can be used for a potential man of Steel Consequence. While the next Superman movie is meant to be a fresh start for Henry Cavill’s Superman, it would be a mistake to completely ignore Superman’s past DCEU appearances. As divisive as man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice were, they defined Superman’s origins in the DCEU and established several of Superman’s supporting characters. For example, the rewrite of Lois Lane for man of steel 2 would make the film a true reboot — and DC isn’t asking for that now.

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A soft reboot similar to what The Suicide Squad tat is the best approach for the next Superman movie. The Suicide Squad was not a direct sequel to 2016 suicide squad, meaning it didn’t continue any specific storylines and didn’t draw on the events of the first film. nothing inside The Suicide Squad contradicts the first film, nor has the sequel recast one of the characters from suicide squad. The Suicide Squad is part of the same universe as suicide squad, but it has a different vision and tone. Five years after his last major role in a DCEU film, this is exactly what Superman needs.

Henry Cavill’s Superman return came at the perfect time

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel and Zack Snyder's Justice League

While DC waited too long to bring Henry Cavill’s Superman back, to the point where many believed Cavill would never play Superman again, Black Adam‘s post-credits scene came at the perfect time. Had Henry Cavill returned as Superman before there were plans for DC Studios, the lack of a consistent vision and clear plan for the DCEU could have once again played against Superman and other key DC characters. Henry Cavill’s Superman has only been the focus of three DC movies, which is shocking considering how many appearances names like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man or Chris Evans’ Captain America have had in the same period. The MCU has proven multiple times how interconnectivity and recurring characters can benefit a cinematic universe, which is why there must be a bigger plan for Superman in the DC Universe.

A DC Studios headed by James Gunn means that all future DC movies, apart from Joker: Folie a Deux and The Batman‘s sequels will be connected at some level. The DCEU took off man of Steel has technically never ended. But after that justice league, interconnectivity became increasingly rare throughout the franchise. Solo adventures and character-driven films are important, but a DC cinematic universe can only go so far without Justice League or Superman. Henry Cavill’s Superman needs a consistent universe to make it work, just like the DC Universe needs Superman. Whatever James Gunn’s plans for DC Studios, they need to involve Superman at some level.

Black Adam‘s Superman scene, as exciting as it was, must lead to more than just a Superman vs. Black Adam fight. The Rock has already confirmed that the long-awaited fight between Superman and Black Adam is “Definitely not the next step” (above Twitter), implying that Superman’s future is in the DC universe has yet to be revealed. Thankfully, new Superman or Justice League sequels are now more likely than ever to appear — not to mention the possibility of Superman Appearance in other DC films.

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