Lobo is the most powerful hero in DC vs Vampires

The following contains spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #11, which is available now from DC Comics

The conflict between the remaining mortal heroes of DC vs Vampires and her vampiric former allies were mostly brutal and tragic. But it turns out that one of DC’s most notorious anti-heroes is not only thriving, but thriving in the turbulent times.

DC vs Vampires #11 (by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt, Francesco Mortarino, Pierluigi Casolino and Tom Napolitano) reveals Lobo’s role in the story and pits both sides against each other. It’s just the latest example of Lobo’s wildcard status and underscores what makes him a unique fixture in the DC Universe, regardless of which DC Universe he’s in.

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Lobo is the ultimate wildcard in DC Vs. Vampire


The world of DC vs Vampires was brutal, filled with death and destruction for the few remaining heroes who were beyond the control of the vampire Nightwing. Their last-ditch plan to save the world has only fragmented the heroes further, with Batgirl leading a small band of rebels in Gotham City, Green Arrow working to free a camp of prisoners from an evil Hawkman’s control, and Steel does his best to escort Supergirl back into the sunlight to restore her powers. It’s this last plan that may have the best chance of succeeding, as the trio of Steel, Supergirl, and Jayna only need to infiltrate a spaceport and escort Supergirl onto a ship for possible exposure to the sunlight.

After reaching Australia (at the expense of Mera, who stays behind to fight her vampirized husband Aquaman), the trio successfully sneak into the spaceport. It turns out that Nightwing sent all of the aliens on Earth back to their homeworlds in exchange for peace to avoid interplanetary incidents. However, on their way through the base, they encounter Lobo, who has been hired by the vampires to provide security and ensure the alien fugitives return home. At first, Lobo fights the trio, but when Supergirl reveals they can make a deal with him too, the lead man agrees to listen.

From then on, Lobo transforms into the ultimate wild card and quickly upsets both sides. He helps the trio reach a ship (allowing Supergirl to slip away and reach a launching rocket). But once the corrupt Martian Manhunter and Ms. Martian investigate, Lobo quickly reveals the truth. Rather than siding with the vampires, Lobo still fights alongside Steel and Jayna, loudly admitting that he revealed the truth mostly to make things “interesting.”

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Lobo cannot be rotated in DC Vs. Vampires – or controlled

lobo-dc-vs-vampire-11 (2)

It’s a fun beat for Lobo and a good reminder of what makes Lobo such a variable in the DC Universe. Especially in alternate timelines (like the world of DCeased), Lobo’s unique healing ability and flexible morale allow him to switch sides and turn the tide of battle without warning. His healing factor probably keeps him from being turned into a vampire (unlike Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and Superman, each of whom were corrupted in turn), but his willingness to work with them is a reminder that Lobo’s scruples more or less are unfounded. existent.

Still, his decision to work alongside the heroes and distract Supergirl could be the key to unleashing the hero’s most powerful fighter – and setting the stage for Supergirl to bring about the end of the Vampire Kingdom. In a world where the living and the undead have become the primary moral conflict, Lobo’s moral ambiguity has allowed him to morph into a deadly game changer in the best possible way. It’s a position Lobo fills well in almost every universe, and it could be vital to this timeline’s last, best hope.


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