Lois Lane’s final form gives her the powers she deserves

Superman and Lois Lane are even intertwined centuries in the future when the Man of Steel brings his wife back as a god.

After decades of release history and years of in-universe time, superman and Lois Lane are the most iconic couple of comics. They complement each other and ground the other person by combining superhuman strength and the best journalistic instincts in the world. However, they are also powerful individually and have unique abilities that allow them to fight evil on a global scale, whether together or separately.

Lois Lane is one of many civilian superhero lovers, but she’s far from “helpless” and can hold her own under any stress. She’s a reporter for the Daily Planet with a stubborn nature and a desire to do the right thing. Lois has overthrown presidents, oligarchs, and supervillains by exposing them to the world. So while she doesn’t need powers, she certainly deserves them, and most importantly, the appreciation and spotlight that comes with it. Not all heroes wear capes, but that doesn’t mean they deserve them.


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While she may have been introduced as Superman’s love interest Action Comics #1 Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Lois has been evolving for a long time. She became her own wife and a force that supports Superman and scares other superheroes to death. While Superman is a heroic person anyway, loving Lois has given his life a more personal meaning, taking down the two menaces that would have ended life on Earth and raising their son Jon as the next generation of heroes. It is a deeply personal relationship, but one that has also guided the course of human existence and the safety of the galaxy itself. It all accumulates into the perfect future DC One Million #4 by Grant Morrison, Val Semeiks, Prentis Rollins, Pat Garrahy and Ken Lopez. Centuries in the future, a sun-reborn version of Superman moves heaven and earth to bring Lois back in an overpowered new form.

Superman resurrects Lois as a god

Superman DC One Million Lois Lane

This culmination of Lois Lane’s DNA being woven through time creates a deity-like version of her DC One Million #4. A godlike being, Lois Lane is given a body and abilities that can endure more than her human body – much like Superman’s own final golden form. Despite their rise, they maintain their love for one another, which is a truly human bond. The moment culminates in a celebration of the Justice League and Superman’s legacy through their distant successors, when the original Superman finally returns from a long exile, ushering in a new age of hope – one that couldn’t exist without Lois there either. Your wedding and reunion in DC One Million #4 enough to shift an entire universe and make it feel “complete”.

Superman had other love interests like Wonder Woman, but he always ends up with his true love, Lois Lane. They are very important to each other and Lois Lane has fought with him through every crisis and disaster Lois Lane enters the future as a living icon superman in raw power is one final, perfect proof of how the two improve each other and make the world a better place as a team.

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