Mark Millar has a “huge” Superman project he wants to do

Mark Millar had his time writing Superman, but the great and Searched The creator says he still has some stories on DC’s flagship character if DC is interested.

“Oh, this itch never goes away,” Millar told CBR in reference to the author’s icon Superman: Red Son Series. “When you grow up with love, it never goes away. I’ve written a lot of great Marvel books, but Superman: Red Son was the only time I got to play in the DC sandbox, so I always have ideas and two big folders full of DC stuff.”

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Created by Millar and Dave Johnson, DC published the three editions Superman: Red Son Series in 2003 as part of the company’s then-active Elseworlds imprint. The story centered on a reality where Baby Kal-El’s rocket ship landed in the Ukraine of the Soviet Union rather than Smallville, Kansas. Superman, in turn, became a Soviet hero, championing socialism and Soviet expansionism.

“The shooting schedules for the next few years mean I can’t, but I have a huge Superman project that I’d like to talk to DC about later,” Millar said. “I would wish for someone great at art, like Olivier Coipel or Pepe Larraz. Just one of these great guys, or I’d just hold it back. But I want to do at least one of those things at some point. I’m dying to do something like this and would need a few months to enjoy it.”

Mark Millar – Beyond Superman: Red Son

The celebrated Superman: Red Son was nominated for an Eisner Award and became one of the most notable non-canon realities with the world of DC red son even earning a place in DC’s various incarnations of its multiverse. Warner Bros. published a red son animated adaptation of the series in 2020.

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before red sonMillar also had a stint on Superman adventure set in the late 90’s, in continuity from Superman: The Animated Series, airing at this time. Millar also wrote for and took over for DC’s Wildstorm imprint The authority Co-creator Warren Ellis after his run for the title in 2000.

After his time at DC, Millar joined Marvel to write some of that publisher’s most notable recent story arcs, including The Ultimates, Old man Logan and civil war. All became the basis for subsequent films for Marvel Studios. avenger and 20th Century Fox X-Men Franchise. In 2003, Millar launched his Millarworld label as a home for his creator-owned projects.

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