Nightwing knows exactly how to defeat the Justice League

As the first hero to call himself Robin nightwing is one of DC comics‘ most iconic heroes and has spearheaded the Teen Titans, the Outsiders and even the justice league. But despite being one of the DC Universe’s most trusted heroes, Dick also has the potential to be its most dangerous. After all, Nightwing was raised by Batman himself.

As the lost heir to the Dark Knight, Grayson is a crimefighter like no other. A natural leader with an intellect to match, Nightwing even surpasses Batman in combat prowess. And the events of Grayson #8 confirms that those same combat skills would serve him well against the heroes of the Justice League.


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While Grayson #8 by Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janín doesn’t pit the titular hero against the League itself, but instead confronts its android equivalent in the form of Paragon, a machine built with the combined DNA and abilities of the Justice League. Along with his fellow Spyral, Agent 1, also known as Tiger King, the then-and-to-be Nightwing goes toe-to-toe with a being who could face gods while instructing his ally on how to best his artificial adversary can fight. Dick even says to Tiger: “I fought alongside the Justice League. Trained to fight them. They have weaknesses. He also.”

Dick Grayson vs. the Justice League

Nightwing vs. Justice League

Using Grayson’s knowledge of the Justice League’s powers, the duo eventually manage to survive Paragon before finally defeating him. And while the machine lacked the last piece that would have made it complete – a heart as strong as Wonder Woman’s – this feat of survival is no small testament to Nightwing’s abilities. And most of the time, these skills are terribly underestimated.

As Batman’s first partner and adopted son, Dick Grayson was trained by one of the most dangerous men in the world from an early age. He is often portrayed as more light-hearted and composed than the brooding Dark Knight, but Nightwing inherited much more than wealth from the man who raised him. Batman prepares for any eventuality, and makes sure his family is prepared as well – a fact borne out by Dick’s claim that he’s already been trained to fight the League.

Nightwing comes after his father

Nightwing and Batman by Jim Lee

Like Batman, Nightwing has a keen strategic mind and combat skills to match. He’s even defeated Batman in single combat, so it’s no surprise he’d be able to defeat Batman’s allies as well. And with a natural empathy and understanding of people that Batman could never emulate, there’s a very good chance Nightwing poses a greater threat to the Justice League than Batman ever could if he really wanted to.

Nightwing is often portrayed as fleeting and impulsive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like his adoptive father, the first Robin is one of the most dangerous men alive and an incredibly capable opponent when he puts his mind to it. And if the Justice League ever find themselves in Dick Grayson’s crosshairs, they’ll learn the hard way that DC Comics’ Nightwing follows Batman in more ways than one.

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