‘Nobody knows what’s happening at DC but us’: James Gunn appears to be shutting down Henry Cavill, who appears as Superman on DC TV shows, and is keeping his contract details under wraps

Peter Safran and James Gunn changed the hierarchy of power at DC and were placed at the top of the table in the superhero universe. While James Gunn focuses more on the creative elements, Peter Safran handles production and business. Ever since the duo took control of DCU, fans have been convinced that the future of the superhero world is pretty bright.

James Gunn.
Filmmaker James Gunn.

With her leadership comes a lot of speculation as to where the DCU is headed next, particularly as it relates to Superman. Henry Cavill’s return has uprooted many rumors and theories about where he fits in the universe. James Gunn isn’t too happy with these rumors as he took to Twitter to call out publications spreading fake news about the future of DCU.

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James Gunn has ruled out all the rumours

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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DCU is a popular superhero universe that has fans around the world. With such popularity, speculation is inevitable. However, co-CEO James Gunn has none of it, especially when it comes to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Gunn took to Twitter and called out anyone with speculations about DCU’s future.

He explained that no one outside of himself and Peter Safran has any idea what’s happening at DC Studios, and when anyone makes claims like that, he’s just taking advantage of the fans. He ambiguously denied all rumors of Henry Cavill’s return deal.

His tweet was most likely directed to the Small Screen website. An article by Edward Lauder states that Cavill’s contract includes several projects, including some television appearances. After a while, Geekosity also cited the site in its own article. Gunn quickly surfaced the rumors, responding directly to Geekosity’s tweet. However, he did not tag Small Screen in his tweet.

Still, no mention was required as the message reached the individuals concerned. Small Screen responded to Gunn’s tweet, thanking him for “so direct with the fans.” They then clarified that they were merely reporting what their trusted source within Warner Bros. Discovery told them and that they never mentioned a contract.

Fans stand in solidarity with Gunn and say it’s a good thing that the peacemaker The creator cares enough to keep fans away from fake news.

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What’s next for the DC Universe?

Ben Affleck as Batman from Snyderverse
Ben Affleck as Batman from Snyderverse

Gunn’s tweet may have ended rumors of Cavill’s return, but that won’t stop fans wondering what’s next for the DC superheroes, right? Since the fans were so excited about Superman’s cameo black adam, It’s only fair that they have brainstorming sessions.

At the moment it looks like the man of Steel The actor is yet to sign a deal with DCU. Aside from Superman’s hazy future, DCU is releasing four new movies next year including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Blue Beetle and Shazam! wrath of the gods, and The Lightning. Because Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton both return as Batman The Lightning, Who knows maybe Cavill will be up for more cameos? Whatever the case, Gunn is certainly keeping the studios’ future a secret.

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