Plan B and VAST Data are partners for enhanced DC infrastructure

The recent increase in data center failures and security breaches has led to an increased need for suitable AI and cloud technologies.

Gartner predicts that at least 75% of IT organizations will be exposed to one or more ransomware attacks by 2025, and protecting customers’ core assets requires an infrastructure that protects data and keeps devices secure.

Plan B New Zealand, a company known for reliable IT and business continuity services, is strengthening its data center infrastructure by partnering with VAST Data.

VAST Data’s high-performance, all-flash platform was selected by Plan B New Zealand to ensure its data centers remain operational regardless of a cyber attack, data loss, or security and network issues.

Plan B offers high-performance, on-premises and cost-effective hybrid cloud and cloud object storage to other cloud service providers (CSPs) and integrators, including some of the largest Microsoft cloud partners in New Zealand.

Plan B’s data centers also require a high level of flexibility to scale based on business needs and goals.

The company realized it needed to upgrade its storage devices to meet its mission of protecting its customers’ data. Also, the company was looking for a solution to facilitate its strategy of creating new and innovative products for its customers. Plan B turned to VAST Data to enable blazing-fast backups and restore performance in the event of an attack or outage.

VAST offers petabyte-scale all-flash storage suitable for a wide range of applications, including backup and recovery using the Veeam platform.

In addition, VAST’s Universal Storage platform recovers business-critical data and applications up to 50 times faster than traditional purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). It can meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs) by providing 8x higher recovery performance at 40% lower cost than traditional backup targets and object storage.

Plan B moves all of its customer data to flash storage. VAST’s all-flash object storage platform offers up to 100GB in front- and backend, allowing Plan B customers to retrieve archived data in seconds, as opposed to days with legacy platforms.

Another key advantage of VAST’s Universal Storage is its DASE (Disaggregated Shared Everything) architecture, which separates the storage function from the computing power, helping to increase performance and storage capacity.

Diego Nievas, Director of Product and Technology Innovation, Plan B, says the partnership with VAST brings together a culmination of values ​​and shared excellence.

“In VAST we have found a partner who values ​​reliability just as much as we do, so that an S3aaS platform remains operational under all circumstances,” he says.

“We don’t have to worry about the platform at all – there’s low-to-zero touch. VAST takes care of all our maintenance, service and firmware upgrades. This is a great advantage for us as it can be difficult to find resources. “

Universal Storage’s Indestructible Snapshots feature also provides the immutability essential to Plan B. Indestructible Snapshots protects data by preventing anyone from modifying or destroying critical backup copies and snapshots before their expiration date.

In the event of an attack, VAST’s platform allows Plan B to scour the data to find viruses, cryptolockers and ransomware.

“With VAST, we can quickly restore and make sure it’s correct…killing two birds with one stone,” says Nievas.

Howard Fyffe, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, VAST Data also highlights the impressive capabilities this new partnership will bring.

“With Universal Storage, we’ve flipped the switch on data center capabilities,” he says

“With a strong partner like VAST and our Universal Storage platform, Plan B is confident it can protect its customers’ most valuable asset – their data.

“The affordability of our all-flash solution allows more organizations to benefit from the highest levels of performance, scalability, data protection and resiliency required for today’s modern business environment.”

Founded in 2019, VAST is the fastest selling data infrastructure startup in history. VAST Data provides the data platform at the heart of the AI-powered world, accelerating time to insight for workload-intensive applications.

The performance, scalability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness of VAST’s software helps organizations overcome the old barriers to building all-flash data centers.