Q+A with Duke Football: DeWayne Carter



DURHAM – Athletics Duke sat down with Redshirt Junior Defensive Tackle DeWayne Carter for a short question and answer session.

THERE: The defense has developed well in recent weeks. What has contributed the most over time?

direct current: It was our identity. We established a culture that we wanted to have earlier in the year through workouts and everything else and we’ve stuck to that. It takes time to grow into what you eventually want to become, so growing up is a good term to use.

THERE: We’re entering the final week of the regular season. What does it mean for this team to play again in front of a home crowd this Saturday?

direct current: It will mean the world, especially with the great support we’ve received this year. From the students to the fans, to the parents, to the administration, to everyone. The excitement of the games this year was so much fun. It will just mean the world to us.

THERE: We spoke to Ja’Mion [Franklin] earlier in the year and he said he had the best sack celebration on the team. Do you agree with that statement, or do you think anyone else does?

direct current: I’ll be honest; I have to agree with him there. He is definitely the most creative. He’s a bigger guy, so it looks a lot cooler when he moves and dances than someone else.

THERE: It’s been an exciting season for you on and off the pitch. What were some of your fondest memories this season?

direct current: We had the wins and different team trips, but at the end of the day it was easy to build something new that was the coolest experience. We start something new and are part of history. It’s the end of divisions in the ACC and the era of Bleed Blue here at Duke has begun. There’s only a few firsts and a lot of lasts, so it was really cool to be a part of it.

THERE: Earlier in the year you were named to the AFCA Allstate Good Works Team, which is presented to players who make an impression on and off the field, and you were recently named a semifinalist for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award. What does that mean for you and why do you enjoy mentoring the younger generation so much?

direct current: They mean the world to me. Of course you don’t do it for recognition, but it’s pretty cool when you’re recognized for some of the community work you do in the area. I think the main reason for that is that representation is so important. When kids get to see guys that maybe don’t look that much like them in different areas, I come over and they see I go to Duke, it’s kind of a shock. It’s pretty cool to see the performance and how it affects you and your dreams. That’s the biggest thing for a child.

THERE: I’ll let you go on this one. It’s been a great year both on and off the pitch for the Blue Devils. Do you have a message for the fans and students who have supported you this season?

direct current: Most importantly, thank you and don’t stop now. We hope to see you on Saturday!



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