Robert Downey Jr.’s Bald Look Has DC Fans Demanding a Recast of Lex Luthor

Robert Downey Jr.’s bald look, which debuted at the Governor’s Awards this month, has DC fans urging the Iron Man actor to play Lex Luthor in a recast.

Three years have passed since he ended his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr.’s recent bald look has fans screaming for one Lex Luthor rewrite. The iconic Superman villain has made it to the big screen with a variety of cast members over the course of the film, from Gene Hackman to Kevin Spacey on the big screen to Michael Rosenbaum, Jon Cryer and Titus Welliver on television. The DC Universe was introduced in Jesse Eisenberg’s incarnation of Lex Luthor Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justicewith the credits of both the theatrical version and the extended version Zack Snyder’s Justice League He teases his creation of the Injustice League, but since this Lex hasn’t returned yet, the audience has another actor in mind to succeed him.


Last weekend, the host saw the Academy Governor’s Awards, where former Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. showed up and surprised everyone with a completely bald look. Many subsequently took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his new look, with DC fans even noticing his resemblance to Lex Luthor and demanding that the MCU vet take over the role in the DCU. Check out the hilarious reactions below:

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RDJ almost played Lex Luthor in a Superman movie

Lex Luthor Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

While some may be unsure at the thought of the Iron Mac actor playing the legendary antagonist, it’s interesting to note that Downey Jr. came very close to playing Lex in a Superman film. Long before Zack Snyder helped launch the DCU man of Steeland Bryan Singer’s legacy sequel Superman returns Failing to achieve great success, a variety of Superman-centric projects found themselves dying in development hell, including Tim Burton’s Superman liveswhich would have starred Nicolas Cage as the DC hero, and it would have tied in with Michael Keaton Batman Universe. One of the most notable projects was that of Superman: Flybydescribed as an origin story and written by JJ Abrams.

The project saw a revolving door of directors throughout its development, including Brett Ratner, McG and Bryan Singer, the latter of whom eventually revamped his effort Superman returns. Although a variety of actors were considered for the roles of both Superman and Lex Luthor, Downey Jr. was ultimately cast as the Man of Steel’s nemesis, described as a government agent obsessed with the UFO phenomenon and a target for reporting on Lois was Lane. While Abrams attempted to direct himself following McG’s departure, the studio’s change of direction ultimately led to Kevin Spacey being cast in the role of the then-future Iron Man actor.

Could RDJ get another chance with Lex?

Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man

Though he may have missed the opportunity in the past, the question now is whether Downey Jr. could get another chance to play Lex Luthor in a future project. With the DCU’s connected future still largely in doubt, it’s hard to say whether Eisenberg’s incarnation of the character will return, although given the recent return of Henry Cavill’s Superman and the imminent return of Ben Affleck’s Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomit seems possible that social network Actor could be brought back. With the DCU reportedly attempting to delve into the multiverse itself, and with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Superman film still progressing and reportedly standing out from the DCU, there are several options for Downey Jr., one Another chance to get playing the legendary villain in the future.

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