Shazam is the only superhero who literally can never win

Unfortunately for Shazam, his rogue gallery doesn’t end with Dr. Sivana. The Champion has powerful foes that Billy Batson can’t easily beat away.

Unfortunately for Shazam, he is in a position where winning may not always be an achievable goal. When Billy Batson took charge as Wizard’s Champion, he signed on to a rogue gallery that couldn’t be beat like the Monster Society of Evil.

Billy Batson was chosen to be the possessor of a wizard’s amazing powers to be the world’s greatest protector. After searching for thousands of years for a suitable candidate, the wizard chose Billy for the goodness he felt in him. The wizard gave Billy the aspects of gods and transformed him into Shazam, a champion charged with protecting the world from its greatest evils. From Doctor Sivana to Mister Mind to his powerful fellow wizard Black Adam, Billy has faced some of the most powerful and insidious threats in the DC Universe. But with his powers and family by his side, Shazam always saves the day.


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However, despite his short-term victories, a subset of Shazam’s opponents can prevent the champion from consistently winning. in the Justice League #18 Backstory “Shazam Chapter 10” by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, Black Adam searches everywhere for Shazam’s new champion, Billy Batson. While Adam tears Philadelphia apart in search of Billy, Doctor Sivana continues his quest to uncover the seven deadly sins. Once free to rule as they please among humanity, they were imprisoned on earth in mortal form as the sorcerer lacked the power to hold onto the rock of eternity. But thanks to Sivana’s new magical powers, he can see the sins and free them from their bondage. After collecting all seven, Sivana returns to his partner and Black Adam decides it’s time to start the world over.

Why the seven deadly sins are a problem for Shazam

Seven Deadly Sins Shazam DC Comics

The Seven Deadly Sins are a bit like The Endless The Sandman in that they are the living embodiment of abstract concepts rather than traditional villains. However, they are a bit more involved in the DC Universe than the Endless and have been a staple of Shazam’s lore since their inception. Sin represents the worst facets of humanity and can possess and affect others, even turning them into powerful and destructive beings. Her unique status means Shazam faces an uphill battle to defeat her.

It’s easy for Shazam to beat a villain, but it’s much harder to rid the world of its greatest evils. The Seven Deadly Sins do not want world domination or human subjugation. They simply reflect the worst that humanity already has to offer. Shazam can’t get rid of them, any more than he can get rid of the whole idea of ​​evil altogether. Sure, he could defy the sins when they rear their heads and minimize the damage they cause. But Billy will never be able to completely abolish greed, gluttony, or anger. As long as people have these in their hearts, Shazam can never truly defeat the Seven Deadly Sins.

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