Shazam’s final form is the perfect ending to his story

Set in the far future of the DC Universe Shazam has taken its final form – and it’s the perfect ending to its story. The publisher’s epic DC one million Crossover event, first released in 1998, introduced fans to the 853rd Century DC Universe. Readers were introduced to future versions of DC staples like Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash, while each book in the series also released a “One Millionth” special edition. in the The Power of Shazam #1,000,000the character’s journey comes full circle.


DC one million, led by Grant Morrison, transported fans to the 853rd century when most DC titles theoretically hit their 1,000,000. issue would publish. The aforementioned futuristic versions of Superman and Wonder Woman were members of the Justice Legion Alpha, the greatest heroes of the 853rd Century. The transition began when the Justice Legion traveled back to the present to honor their predecessors. Of course, disaster struck when the immortal Vandal Savage allied with Solaris, the Tyrant Sun, to destroy the Justice Legion once and for all. Heroes of both eras successfully stopped the villains and inflicted his final defeat on Solaris. While the Justice Legion and Justice League dealt with Savage and Solaris, other heroes began to stir again in the 853rd Century – including Shazam.

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The Power of Shazam #1,000,000 – by Jerry Ordway – opened on the Rock of Eternity, which was cut off from the rest of reality for many years. Sutra, a young woman, accidentally accesses the rock via interdimensional travel. There she finds an old man sitting on Shazam’s throne who bears a strong resemblance to the wizard who gave Billy Batson his powers. When she returns to her homeland, she tells her son Tan to guard the gate while she goes to town. Prospero, a merchant, notices Tan and becomes curious about what he is guarding. Prospero enters the gate, Tan follows him. When they arrive at the Rock of Eternity, they awaken the “Wizard” and the readers learn that this is Billy Batson, who has taken on the role of the Guardian of the Rock of Eternity. Prospero wants to turn the rock into a tourist attraction, and as the gate becomes known, there is a rush to find it. Sutra is trampled on in the chaos, leaving Tan an orphan. Taking pity on Tan, Billy grants him the power of Shazam, creating a champion for a new era.

Shazam comes full circle

Shazam Final Form DC One Million

The issue ends with Billy and the newly empowered Tan flying off, ready to begin a new chapter in Shazam’s legacy. It’s really fitting that Billy takes on the wizard’s mantle. The wizard Shazam took Billy off the streets, gave him his powers – and a purpose too. The events of this issue saw Tan become an orphan like Billy who, seeing something of himself in the boy, passed on his powers. With Billy, the Wizard helped nurture a heroic legacy that spans the ages and reverberates into the 853rd century. Now, in that distant era, Billy has come full circle, becoming the mentor he once needed and using lifetimes of heroism to help train humanity’s next great champion of magic.

Billy Batson is a child character, and it’s unlikely he’ll ever really grow up in DC’s ongoing continuity — at least not permanently. However, The Power of Shazam #1,000,000 showed the perfect adulthood for the character, passed on the lineage he had gifted himself after centuries of saving the day, and while bringing his story full circle, embraced the mythical nature of his powers and origins.

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