Sir Paul McCartney reunites with Superman in heartwarming DC art

In heartwarming new artwork for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Superman and Sir Paul McCartney join forces for a joyous holiday reunion.

Legendary beatles bassist Mr Paul McCartney has united with superman and other DC Comics heroes in heartwarming new artwork. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to occasionally take the plunge into comics. For decades, heroes from DC and Marvel have pitted against stars from the real world. Notable examples include Barack Obama, Penn & Teller, Stephen Colbert, and David Letterman. The most famous duel, however, must have been when Superman took on Muhammad Ali – a fight that went down in history. Now Superrman is about to cross paths with another star, but no punches are thrown this time.


Sir Paul McCartney is a musician best known as the bassist for the influential band of the 1960s The Beatles. Along with John Lennon, he is considered one of the greatest songwriters of all time and has contributed to many of the group’s most celebrated hits, including Yesterday, Hey Jew, let it beand Can’t buy me love. When the Beatles disbanded in 1970, McCartney continued his career by forming the group Wings and writing more songs that became big hits. Today he still tours the world and writes music to the delight of fans everywhere. He has also made a notable appearance in popular culture, including a cameo appearance in 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This December, however, he officially crosses over with the DC Universe in an amazing cover artwork.

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Shared on Twitter by NPR’s pop culture expert Glenn Weldona variant of the cover made by Dan Mora for Batman/Superman: World’s Best #10 features Sir Paul McCartney playing tunes with the Man of Steel himself. Superman and McCartney sing along to his Christmas carol Wonderful Christmas time at the Batcave with friends and family of Batman and Superman in the background to celebrate the season. The artwork is absolutely heartwarming to look at because the two are so friendly. McCartney’s arm is wrapped around Superman’s as the two happily sing along, describing their friendship as one of DC Comics’ healthiest Man of Steel moments.

Superman & Sir Paul’s song selection is perfect

The great thing about this cover is that it suits this iteration of Superman so well. Mark Waid and Dan Mora’s latest series was a return to the form of Batman and Superman as it highlights some of their most charming aspects that make them not only a great team but also great friends. Superman is known for his happy story and a symbol of hope that drives humanity forward, so that makes sense Wonderful Christmas time is a song he would love to belt out with McCartney. Glen Weldon even says in his tweet that it’s the perfect song for “the hottest, most honest and genuine super doofus in the DC universe“Because it’s so simple and yet positive.

This heartwarming cover variant z Batman/Superman: World’s Best will be available just in time for the holiday season on December 20, 2022. It’s an amazing way to end 2022 by bringing together two cultural icons from very different backgrounds to celebrate not only the happiest time of the year, but also a triumphant return to the Batman and Superman friendship loved by fans worldwide . This cover will surely stand as one of the best DC Comics celebrity crossovers because the pairing is so perfect Mr Paul McCartney and superman is when they end the year with one last heartwarming tune.

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Seek Batman/Superman: World’s Best #10 on sale December 20, 2022 by DC Comics!

Source: Glenn Weldon


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