Stargirl was supposed to join the DCU since the Arrowverse series was cancelled

That star girl The TV show was a breath of fresh air for DC adaptations and one of the best-received Arrowverse shows in years. Unfortunately for fans of the show, it hasn’t been long in this world since then Star girls The third season will be the last. This is a recurring trend for DC shows outside of the DC Universe, although it might bode well for Stargirl to show up on the big screen.

Black Adam recently brought the Justice Society of America to the DC Universe, but Stargirl wasn’t a part of it. Now that her show is ending, she could easily appear in the DCU in the future, with this new incarnation bringing some of the energy of her TV series with it. So now is the time to bring Stargirl into the DC cinematic universe.

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Stargirl’s show kept her out of the Black Adam film

Brec Bassinger's Stargirl holds Starman's cosmic staff

That star girl The TV show aired in 2020 and was initially a series on the DC Universe app. It moved to The CW for its second and third seasons, though it was never an official part of the Arrowverse. Essentially an “Earth-2” series, the show is set in a world that has a Justice Society rather than a Justice League. This is due to Stargirl’s own ties to the JSA in the comics, which has been a central part of her character since the 1990s. Unfortunately, her show with her own version of the Justice Society of America kept Courtney Whitmore from being part of another version of the team.

Introduction of the Justice Society of America in Black Adam had a very different premise than the version it was shown in star girl. Despite the juvenile nature of half the team, this JSA has no Stargirl, Starman, or any of their fellow countrymen. This was apparently because DC didn’t want two versions of Stargirl running simultaneously in live-action media. Such an embargo is nothing new for DC’s shows and films, with a similar rule affecting Lex Luthor recently Titans. Now, however, the show will soon be over, because in 2022 Brec Bassinger’s Stargirl ends. This offers the chance to introduce her in the films, which no longer have to compete with the series.

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Stargirl is the perfect member for the DCU’s Justice Society

A Black Adam poster featuring Dwayne Johnson's title character flanked in a smaller form by members of the Justice Society of America.

The current roster of the Justice Society in the DCU is a bit tenuous, especially given the JSA’s legacy in the comics. The list initially includes Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone, although they end up down one man Black Adam. If the team appears in future DC Studios movies and shows, they’ll need new members. Stargirl would fit right into the nature of the team being made younger by characters like Cyclone and Atom Smasher.

In the comics, Cyclone is actually a big fan of Stargirl, while Courtney and Atom Smasher develop feelings for each other. These concepts could be used in the DCU, although in the case of Cyclone and Stargirl they may be reversed. With Cyclone already introduced and Stargirl absent, it would be interesting to make Courtney Whitmore the wide-eyed fangirl who looks up to Cyclone. She might even get Cyclone’s mile-in-minute persona from the comics, as the film version of the heroine is much more low-key.

Making Stargirl a true novice rather than the “leader” of the new JSA would help differentiate the DCU version of Brec Bassinger’s incarnation on the show. Her connection to characters like Jack Knight could also be adjusted, as characters like this popular ’90s character and his mentor Courtney have been completely removed from her TV show mythology. The leap from screen to big screen could help cement Stargirl as one of DC’s top young female heroines, giving her more exposure and perhaps an even better adaptation than what the show gave her.


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