Suicide Squad Director’s Cut May Be Released, Says David Ayer

After James Gunn’s recent comments about the non-release of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad edit, the latter still believes it may one day be released.

According to David Ayer, his suicide squad cut could still be released one day. Zack Snyder’s original justice league cut was released on HBO Max after a passionate campaign by fans. However, there is another DCU film that fans are trying to get Warner Bros. Discovery to release – Ayers Original suicide squad Cut from 2016. Despite a similar movement, both the previous and current regimes of Warner Bros. have made it clear that they have no plans to release the Ayer-Cut any time soon.


James Gunn, who was recently named DC Studios co-CEO, addressed the fan campaigns, including the movement to get Ayer suicide squad cut approved. While appreciating everyone’s votes, the head of DC Studios made it clear that the DCU is all about moving forward. While Ayer has responded professionally, a fan recently inquired about how well the director has a good relationship with Gunn, though he didn’t mention his original cut. ayer issued a statement that Gunn had always been good and respectful to him to stem attempts by some people to pit the two filmmakers against each other. However, Ayer also clarified that DC Studios has no immediate plans to release his suicide squad Cut he wants it to be seen and says “I think there is a real chance” Maybe one day it will still be shared with the world and the following will be said:

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When could The Suicide Squad Ayer Cut be released?

Suicide Squad Joker David Ayer Cut

DC Studios officially launched on November 1, when Gunn and his co-CEO Peter Safran, who will oversee the business aspect of the division, had been in their roles for barely a month. Gunn and Safran are still settling into DC Studios and are beginning to outline their big 10-year plan for the DCU as they are now responsible for television, films and animation for Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC brand . But only because of Ayer suicide squad Currently not part of these plans does not mean that this will not change in the future.

Despite Gunn being one of the co-heads of DC Studios, nothing has been done The Suicide Squad, which he wrote and directed in 2021. If Gunn isn’t even focusing on the franchise he started working on when he got into the DCU, it’s perfectly understandable why the co-CEO wouldn’t focus on Ayer’s original cut. However, once they’ve planned their roadmap and gotten the full green light from Warner Bros. Discovery, it’s not impossible that Ayer is suicide squad cut will be distributed worldwide within the next 4-5 years if it makes sense within their plan. It could also be a matter of waiting to get it out once HBO Max and Discovery Plus have been fully combined, which happens in spring 2023.

Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios are focused on the future of the DCU, which means their top priority is finding ways to branch out from their interconnected franchise. When even Ayer insists he has no problem with his suicide squad cut won’t be released any time soon, hence his “It won’t be tomorrow” comment, then it’s worth considering. Hopefully if it can happen organically and Ayers suicide squad cut will finally be revealed to the world in the years to come as DC Studios continues to work on its future.

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