Superman’s secret identity is officially restored in DC Comics

A giant cat returns to the bag when Superman and his son are given secret identities years after Clark shared his secret with the world.

It looks like a couple of bells can don’t get called, and that’s really good news for superman. It has been revealed that both Clark and his son Jon will once again have the privilege of secret identities.

Superman fans will most likely have the image of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent reacting to anger and ripping off his shirt and jacket, revealing the Man of Steel emblem underneath. For a long time, the status quo for the hero was that he lived a civilian life and a superhero life, which he kept separate. However, in a press conference, Superman revealed his identity, and since then he has lived his life in which both halves have merged into one. This extended to Clark’s son, the newest Superman, who never exactly had the dichotomy his father embraced for so long. The shift was a radical change in Superman’s lore, and its consequences were felt for some time.


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But against all odds, the genie returns to the bottle. An exclusive from revealed that Clark and Jonathan Kent will both be living private lives, a stunning return for the former and a big first for the latter. The dramatic return will take place in Action Comics #1050 by Tom Taylor, Joshua Williamson, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Clayton Henry, Nick Dragotta and Mike Perkins. Speaking on the importance of a secret identity in Superman canon, Johnson says: “Some elements of Lois and Clark’s dynamic can only be present with the secret identity“. While details of how How exactly Clark and his son will win their personal lives is not yet entirely clear, but the creative team emphasizes that it will not be easy. Williamson even says “There are dangerous ramifications to how this happens, leading to more story to explore“.

What secret identities mean for both superhumans

Action Comics 1050 Di Meo Variant DC Comics

Obviously, this has a pretty big impact on the entire Superman family. Few people, if any, saw the hero revert to his old setup where Clark Kent and Superman were separate selves. For a long time, stories have focused on the aftermath of Clark’s revelation and what it meant for him and his loved ones. Jon was also seen as a different kind of man of steel, having never really grappled with the issues that came with having a secret identity. While this direction is shocking, it might be warmly welcomed by fans of the hero.

While some great heroes still have them, many others are moving away from secret identities. Admittedly, they are difficult to maintain in times of extreme connectivity and dwindling privacy. But the dynamic is so closely tied to Clark that it’s almost impossible to imagine him without it. Granted, the hero has operated without a secret identity for the past few years, and Clark is still the same person he was when Superman was a secret. But the return of Superman’s earlier setup is a welcome return for readers who weren’t fans of the controversial decision. Fans can see how superman life will change when Action Comics #1050 will be released on December 27, 2022.

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