Teased the role of Green Lantern in the DCU plan by James Gunn

DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn responds to a fan on Twitter to give a surprising teaser about the future of the Green Lanterns in the DC Universe.

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has teased that Green Lantern could have a bright future down the road DC universe. The legendary superhero, who is a staple of comics’ Justice League, has struggled to make it into live action in recent years. After the infamous 2011 Green Lantern Film starring Ryan Reynolds flopped, the live-action DCU has only shown brief glimpses of Green Lantern characters of any kind.

Today on Twitter, Gunn celebrated America’s Thanksgiving by sharing a post from a comic panel showing the Justice League and the Justice Society of America getting together for Thanksgiving. A fan responded to the picture, noting that Green Lantern was not present and claiming that Gunn and his co-CEO Peter Safran have no intention of bringing Green Lantern back and “This is a scoop that I am 100% convinced of.” Gunn replied shyly, saying, “Probably not a good scoop! Happy Thanksgiving!“Check out the following post:


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The future of Green Lantern in the DCU

Green Lantern in front of the Justice League heroes

For some time now, the promise of more Green Lanterns has been in the DCU’s future, even if it seemed like a distant possibility at times. Warner Bros. announced plans for a Green Lantern Corps Movie in 2014. Additionally a Green Lantern The series was in development with Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti and was set to debut on HBO Max around 2023. The series was intended to focus on several different Green Lanterns, namely Alan Scott (Jeremy Irvine), Guy Gardner (Finn Wittrock), Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, with each of their stories set in a different timeline.

This show was making strides until last month when this was announced Green Lantern was retooled, and writer and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith left the project. He had already written the entire eight-episode series, but those scripts were scrapped in favor of a new direction. The show now focuses on just one character: the Green Lantern John Stewart. plans for one Green Lantern Corps Film never made much progress.

So far, not much has been revealed about Gunn and Safran’s intentions for the future DC universe. However, this teasing seems to indicate that more Green Lantern content is coming beyond what was previously announced. This can mean that a Green Lantern Film is on the horizon, most likely as part of an ensemble rather than a solo lead. Now that Henry Cavill has returned as Superman, Green Lantern could help rebuild the Justice League. It would be the perfect place for the hero to reappear, and possibly as a link to the Green Lantern show, it should be broadcast.

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Source: James Gunn/ Twitter

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