The 10 Smartest DC Comics Characters, Ranked

There are many intelligent characters on the pages of DC comicswhere stories often find heroes flexing both their brain cells and their muscles to win battles.

Of course, the golden age of comics produced many scientists: some crazy, some benign, and some both. Pre-modern comic book supervillain Lex Luthor evolved from scientist to fascinating polymath, while Superman’s intelligence was stifled by the end of the Silver Age.

The number of characters that take intelligence into account is huge, and many of them wouldn’t do well to be left off this list. There is the master tactician Deathstroke, who has access to far more of his brain power than normal humans. There’s also Riddler, who has repeatedly failed to prove that he’s smarter than Batman. It’s no surprise who beats him to a spot on this list. Others that sound like they should be on this list don’t make it. Several villains have taken the Thinker moniker, but only one is credited with superintelligence — giving his distinctive look to the sociopathic variant portrayed in him The Suicide Squad.

It’s a tough list to put together, but we’ve pulled together the gray matter to bring you the top 10 smartest characters in DC Comics.

10. Brain

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Brain, founder of the Brotherhood of Evil, mainly opposes the Doom Patrol and their boss, his sworn enemy Niles Caulder. It’s more than a cerebrum preserved in a jar. He dedicates his genius IQ to the perfect crime, with a strong emphasis on dominance aided by his mastery of psychology to manipulate and persuade others to commit evil on his behalf.

Through DC Rebirth, Brain increased his IQ by tapping into the empty minds of hundreds of thousands of people and attained spiritual divinity.

9. Ray Palmer

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Ray Palmer is not only DC’s master of the quantum realm, but quite possibly the most widely traveled person of all time. Palmer’s background as a physicist led to his extraordinary achievements that arguably no other DC scientist could have matched. The young scientist used a mass of white dwarf star matter to create a shrinking lens, testing the limits of reality like no other.

In the New 52 era, Palmer served as SHADE’s scientific advisor, enabling the superhuman defense team to operate a microscopic headquarters. His protégé and successor, Ryan Choi, has a similarly brilliant intellect.

8. Toy master

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Three supervillains have taken the name Toyman, but it’s the youngest who holds the prize for cleverness. Hiro Okamura arrived from Japan as a mechanical genius whose fantastic mechs made him a key ally of Superman in the early 21st century and later earned him a place of honor in the Justice League.

The New 52 saw him restarted as a Toymaster, but he didn’t lose a iota of intelligence. Recreating the works of esteemed DC minds like Silas Stone and Professor Emil Hamilton, he created a massively multiplayer online RPG that put Batman’s life on the line when it manifested itself in real life.

7. See you tomorrow

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TO Morrow is the criminal mastermind responsible for the creation of the androids Red Inferno, Red Volcano, Red Torpedo and most notably Red Tornado. Another classic scientist of the Silver Age of comics, he created televisions that could see into the future, allowing him to replicate advanced and future technologies that troubled Silver Age heroes Hal Jordan and Barry Allen and his to honor the name.

Angered by the superheroic interference, he created Tornado to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society. Morrow’s post-Crisis version was increasingly disturbed by his glimpses into the future as he stole and adapted increasingly advanced technology.

6. Will Magnus

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A scientist who is not evil, except when a brief attempt to boost sales has led him to world domination. Most of the time, Magnus is a benevolent and inspired creator. He holds PhDs in theoretical mathematics, mechanical engineering, and particle physics, and is best known for founding the AI ​​superhero group, the Metal Men.

Each of the “men” displayed abilities appropriate to their base metal, along with different personalities that corresponded in different parts of the continuity to the state of mind of Dr. attributed to Magnus or his deceased relatives.

5. Mr Terrific

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Michael Holt is gifted with the ability to have talents. From a young age, he was able to acquire complex skills in a fraction of the time it took others. Still, Terrific considers learning to be his main talent. Before becoming a superhero, he had earned 14 PhDs and founded a multi-million dollar tech company. As a hero, he took on the title of a Golden Age icon whose mantra was “fair play” and complemented his athleticism with skills and abilities acquired through advanced nanotechnology and levitating robotic T-Spheres.

In an episode of Action of the Justice Leaguethe polyglot and polymath has been confirmed as the third smartest man alive, although the fact that he wrote the list suggests that modesty compelled him to place himself at the top of two and three on that list.

4. Superman

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The top two on this list never consider Superman an intellectual rival, and that’s exactly why he’s here. You have to believe the hype of all these DC crises. Superintelligence isn’t the first thing people attribute to Big Blue, but it’s been part of his genealogy and abilities for many years. His physical enhancements are reflected in his mental abilities, and he can process information faster than any other being. before Crisis on Infinite EarthsSuperman undoubtedly had a super intellect capable of building advanced alien technology that no one else on Earth could imagine.

In modern times, Superman’s intellect has declined to a more average level of genius, which keeps things theoretically interesting. The recent discontinuity delves into the legend of Superman, specifically that of Grant Morrison All Star Superman and Superman and the Authority, have seen him return to his roots, developing phenomenal technologies and solving impossible problems in his Fortress of Solitude. There’s even a suggestion that if Superman trained his mind with Batman’s devotion, he could reach Brainiac levels.


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Bruce Wayne is well known to DC fans, but not the broader DCU, as the world’s most dangerous mortal. Earth’s greatest detective, he has devoted himself to an endless crusade to defeat crimes and villains to the point. It’s easy to think of Batman as the man and Wayne as the handy mask. Still, Gotham’s wealthiest citizen had an edge when tragedy set him on his path: an IQ estimated at over 192 and possibly over 200 — well above Einstein.

Without superpowers, Batman didn’t have to rub too many cells together to realize that focused intelligence was just as important as mastering the martial disciplines and maintaining peak physical fitness to ensure his mission was successful. His incredible intellect has been honed over the years as Wayne relentlessly trained himself both physically and mentally.

2.Lex Luthor

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Lex Luthor has been called the smartest man alive many times, and that’s part of his problem. It’s a study of how the world’s most brilliant man responds to challenges. Plagued by envy, he did not take well to the arrival of Superman. Mark Millars red son developed this idea in an Elseworlds story where Superman’s spaceship landed in Soviet Russia.

Luthor achieved his place as Earth’s greatest criminal in the mainstream DC Universe thanks to his superintellect, eidetic memory, and gift for strategy. There isn’t a facet of science that Luthor hasn’t mastered to expand his goals or expand his business empire, including space, time and extradimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics and plastics. Luthor is considered not only the most intelligent human being, but one of the most brilliant beings in the multiverse. Arriving in the DC Universe during doomsday clock, the genius Ozymandias quickly identified Wayne and Luthor as the two smartest people in the world. He was heading straight for Metropolis.

1. Brainiak

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In the vastness of the multiverse there is a being who likes to remind people of their intelligence. The name says it all. Brainiac, an enemy of Superman and a multiverse-level menace that causes cold sweats in heroes and villains alike, has been repeatedly confirmed as a 12th-level intellect. That’s a phrase that describes the smartest denizens of the DC Universe. Brainiac the Collector of Worlds can’t stop bragging about it, which is pretty rude when he’s around Earth. Humanity is credited with an average 1st level intellect.

Brainiac has undergone many mental and physical changes over the years, but his incredible intelligence remains his greatest threat. He has enhanced arithmetic skills, improved memory, and an amazing understanding of advanced science. To Crisis on Infinite Earthsit was claimed that his brain could process the knowledge of over four hundred and ninety octodecillion beings.

Prior to his transformation, he exceeded standard intelligence on his home planet of Colu and shared this gift with his lineage, including the 30th-century superhero Brainiac 5.


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