The best Black Friday deals for DC fans

The blockbuster release of Black Adam rewarded fans of the character and brought in new viewers. Both have returned to explore the original comics and their related characters. There are a number of ways to celebrate DC fandom, but it can sometimes get expensive for collectors. Thankfully, Amazon is stocked with Black Friday deals to help.

DC Comics fans looking to add to their action figure collection or expand their collection will definitely find some great deals this Black Friday. From giant universal encyclopedias to next-gen video games, Amazon has something for every DC fan looking to save a few bucks this Black Friday.

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The new edition of the DC Comics Encyclopedia

List Price: $40.00

Sale price: $19.73 (51% off!)

Cover of the DC Comics Encyclopedia featuring fighting heroes and villains

DK Publishing has released a few versions of the DC Comics Encyclopedia over the years. The latest version is the definitive guide to over 1,200 characters across DC’s multiverse. Not only are Black Friday shoppers getting a great deal, they’re also getting what reviewers called a “fairly comprehensive encyclopedia of the DC Universe” that was “a lot of fun flipping through.”


Classic Superman logo men’s t-shirt in royal blue

List Price: $18.00

Sale price: $16.43 (9% off!)

Superman in his t-shirt from the comics and the current version's split image

One of the most common and immortal ways for fans to show their love for a particular DC character is with a graphic t-shirt. Superman’s classic “S” shield is one of the most recognizable symbols around the world, and DC fans can easily identify themselves with the classic and comfortable shirt.


Gotham Knights Standard Edition – PlayStation 5

List Price: $69.99

Sale price: $41.99 (40% off!)

Gotham Knights' Nightwing, Robin Batgirl and Red Hood

2022 Gotham Knights Video game featured an action-packed original story focusing on Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin. They fought together to protect Gotham City after Batman’s untimely death. One reviewer described the game as “Spectacular street fighter slugfest!”


DC Multipack – Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Vs. Duskbreaker

List Price: $39.99

Sale price: $29.99 (25% off!)

Green Lantern and Dawnbreaker figures by McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys has released some exciting DC figures that some fans never thought would ever be made. The DC Collector Multipack features a staged battle between Hal Jordan as Green Lantern and Dawnbreaker from the Dark Multiverse. Each figure comes with accessories and would look great in any DC fan’s collection.


Wonder Woman by George Pérez Omnibus

List Price: $100.00

Sale price: $63.77 (36% off!)

Cover of Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus

The comics world lost a legend when acclaimed artist and writer George Pérez died. He is known for a number of memorable events, although his run continues wonder woman is one of his most famous. That Wonder Woman by George Pérez omnibus beautifully puts together the comic creator’s popular reimagining of the powerful Amazonian princess.


List Price: $99.00

Sale price: $52.98 (46% off!)

Batman's Knightfall Cowl Sculpture with the comic book version in the background

DC fans experienced some dark times for their favorite characters in the ’90s. When Bane broke Batman’s back knight case event, a new hero rose to take his place. Jean-Paul Valley’s version of the Batsuit was commemorated by DC Collectibles with a beautifully sculpted bust of his armor knight case Batman hood.


The DC List Book: A Multiverse of Legacies, Stories, and Hierarchies

List Price: $24.00

Sale price: $18.59 (23% off!)

Cover of the DC list book with a Wonder Woman pictograph split image

Randall Lotowycz has explored the history of the DC Universe in a fun new way The DC Book of Lists: A Multiverse of Legacies, Stories, and Hierarchies. The book explores DC’s rich tapestries with full-color comic book art and an in-depth look at the history of obscure characters, extensive family trees, and ancient heroes from across the multiverse.


The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Superman's cape waves like a flag from The Death of Superman

List Price: $39.99

Sale price: $35.99 (10% off!)

DC celebrates the 30th birthday of The Death of Superman with a new deluxe edition of the best-selling graphic novel. The Man of Steel met his opponent with the monstrous Doomsday in the culminating story. DC fans will definitely be updating their copy of That death of Superman with these Black Friday deals.


Funko POP! Vinyl Comic Cover: Retro Batman Character

List Price: $24.99

Sale price: $13.99 (44% off!)

Cover of Batman 1 featuring the retro Batman Funko POP vinyl figure split image

Vinyl figures from Funko POP! have become a mainstay of most comic book collectors and can make a great and affordable gift. Funko’s retro Batman figure pays homage to his appearance in the 1938’s Batman #1 and sits alongside some of the Dark Knight’s other awesome Funko figures.


DC deck building game

List Price: $44.99

Sale price: $37.39 (17% off!)

DC deck building game and card split picture

Justice League fans can use the to take control of their favorite heroes DC deck building game by Cryptozoic Games. Players can strategize to defeat Super Villains while enjoying fan-favorite card art in 2-5 player play. There are quite a few expansion packs for the game, meaning this Black Friday deal could just be the start of the fun.


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