The DCU must now choose a side in the Justice League canon debate

The time has come for them DCU to select a version justice league as the official cut of the film. After extensive behind-the-scenes restructuring of the merged Warner Bros. Discovery, DC Studios was formed to oversee future DCU films, with James Gunn and Peter Safran running the studio. While plans are being made for the future of the DCU, the fact that the DCU has a huge problem with the Justice League hasn’t changed.

The re-recording of justice league dealt the DCU an almost fatal blow with its theatrical success in 2017. The later release of the original cut of the film entitled Zack Snyder’s Justice Leagueonly made that damage more apparent and revived widespread interest in Snyder’s plan justice league sequels. As DC Studios outlines the franchise’s roadmap, the elephant in the room is around the justice league left an important imperative, the DCU must make it absolutely clear which version of the film the franchise will be based on.


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WB’s indecisiveness at DC was a big problem

Superman and Flash race in the Justice League.

Warner Bros. going back and forth so much on their DC plans has been the bane of the franchise for years. in the justice leagueHenry Cavill’s poorly concealed mustache made the extent of re-recording and studio meddling obvious, but the problem continued into post-production.justice league DCU drifts from film to film with no overarching plan. This was an issue that even the release of the Snyder Cut couldn’t change at the time, as WB called the film “a narrative dead end“.

The studio offered no comparable plan in its place, and even Superman fell by the wayside until The Rock secured a last-minute cameo from Henry Cavill Black Adam. Even DC movies outside of the DCU like Todd Phillips joker have seen that WB has been reluctant to put significant support behind them despite it all joker becomes a $1 billion hit. Henry Cavill returns as Superman and DC Studios’ mapping of a DC Bible suggests that problem is finally easing, but there are other loose ends.

The Justice League’s error continues to haunt DCSuperman in the Justice League 2017 image

Refuting the earlier regime of impasse that WB claimed the Snyder Cut was, the story of both that and the theatrical cut continue to linger over the DCU as a franchise. In the latter case, the inductees’ toxic work environment would also be just one of many allegations of behind-the-scenes abusive practices at Warner Bros. prior to the Discovery merger.

Ray Fisher’s allegations of abusive behavior by Joss Whedon during the re-recordings resurfaced in Whedon’s first public comments on the matter in an early 2022 interview vulture. Joss Whedon’s very negatively received responses to the allegations by Fisher, Gal Gadot and others only served to raise the issue in 2017 justice league Debacle brought back into the public eye almost five years after the new recordings. Fisher’s dismissal as the DCU’s cyborg (due to his falling out with former DC Films head Walter Hamada) also remains unresolved, further underscoring how long the 2017 aftermath is justice league continued to rain on WB.

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The Snyder Cut highlights WB’s old issues with DCZack Snyder's Justice League

When Zack Snyder’s Justice League Released in 2021, it was met with far more positive reactions than its 2017 counterpart. The cliffhanger ending of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Snyders revealed plans for his justice league Sequels also gained significant support for completing his story, even attracting 1.5 million #RestoreTheSnyderVerse tweets in one day. Even outside of the quest to see through Snyder’s Arc, the existence of the Snyder Cut is a memorial to the old Warner Bros. regime’s abuse of the DC IP.

The general perception of the Snyder Cut is that it is the superior version of justice leaguefailing WB’s hasty attempt at a course correction man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice like a bigger mistake than ever. With the added PR issue of abusive terms behind the scenes justice league Reshoots, the 2017 version of the film betrays a lot of bad decisions by Warner Bros. Additionally, WB’s efforts to escape the ramifications of the Snyder Cut immediately after its release haven’t helped the public’s perception of the situation, and it’s a problem, that the newly formed DC Studios can finally put to bed.

Choosing an official version of JL must be a priority for DC StudiosThe league stand together in the sunshine in Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

DC Studios has a lot of work to do to streamline the DCU’s path following the studio’s past mistreatments. The return of Henry Cavill’s Superman coupled with the growing rumors of a return of Ben Affleck’s Batman seems to be starting things off on the right foot. Still, DC Studios must finally shed the storyline ambiguity that has plagued the DCU for years, which is itself a direct result of failing to abandon Zack Snyder’s vision through the retooling justice league.

The positive reception and world formation of Zack Snyder’s Justice League alone makes it the best bet for picking which version to consider as canon while the behind-the-scenes issues of 2017 occur justice league add more weight to that. The cinema version of justice league was created under circumstances widely regarded as sordid, with nothing but horrifying stories to be endured by the cast and crew. All of these factors significantly hinder DC Studios from sticking to it justice league‘s theatrical version and active declaring Zack Snyder’s Justice League since it would take its place in the DCU Bible, it would again generate significant public goodwill.

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Although the DCU is recovering from Whedons justice league, it took half a decade to get to this point. As DC Studios shows exciting potential for the future of the DCU, the vague foundation of the Justice League, which has nebulously formed in the past, simply can no longer be sustained. It’s time for them DCU to finally determine which version of justice league it will canonize, and all favors Zack Snyder’s Justice League to be the choice to go with.

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