The DCU rebrand proves WB’s Marvel influence is real after all

The news of James Gunn taking over as DC Studios’ new CEO shocked the internet, and this is news DCU Rebranding proves that MCU‘s impact on WB is real after all. New Warner Bros. boss David Zaslav announced that DC will have a 10-year plan for its films. He compares the plan to that of the MCU and says the structure is very similar to what Alan Horne and Bob Iger put together with Kevin Feige.

This isn’t surprising as DC hasn’t had a clear vision for a while. In the early DCEU days Batman vs Superman and justice league were rushed to catch up with Marvel. Since some decent standalone films have been released, the direction has still been unclear. With James Gunn at the helm and Henry Cavill returning as Superman, it looks like those 10 years are already set to begin.


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The DCU’s new name is similar to Marvel’sDCEU Justice League MCU

The DCEU has now been changed to the DCU. While DCEU was never an official term used by Warner Bros., the move to the streamlined DCU almost certainly stemmed from the MCU. It’s not a bad idea either. DC wants to move more along the lines of the MCU model, so changing the movie universe name to resemble Marvel’s cinematic juggernaut makes good business sense. This will allow fans to connect the two studios well before DC releases a new film. The change means there has been a shift in mentality in the way DC is approaching its future and points to a new direction for DC.

The DCU hired James Gunn as the Kevin Feige characterJames Gunn and Kevin Fig

James Gunn wouldn’t have been at the top of everyone’s list to take over DC, but as soon as it was announced, having him alongside Peter Safran made it almost the perfect match. Warner Bros. didn’t just hire a Kevin Feige-type character, they hired James Gunn, who has directed three MCU films (he’s one of the few MCU directors to have worked on a full trilogy). Because of this, James Gunn not only knows how to make superhero movies, as evidenced by The Suicide Squadbut he also knows how the MCU works and what makes it so successful.

Gunn worked directly under Kevin Feige for years and certainly learned a lot from him. He’ll know what characters work, who audiences react to, how to make tough decisions, and more. Gunn will be able to use and adopt this experience from the MCU to help shape the DCU. There was a time before he was originally fired and then reinstated by Disney that Gunn was tapped to design the entire cosmic universe for the MCU. Against this background, everything indicates that Warner Bros. made the right choice.

The future of DCU lies in different mediaBlack custom image of Adam and the Peacemaker

The DCU will also be breaking new ground that the MCU is already well versed in, and that’s not just movies, it’s TV series as well. Gunn mentioned that the DCU will include movies, television and animation. Marvel has been doing this for a while with its Disney+ shows being part of the MCU, and it looks like the DCU is following suit. While DC has technically already started this process peacemaker, it’s not like the scale that Marvel did. To have peacemaker Even now, there will be a big bonus for DC, as it means the building blocks are in place and not starting from scratch.

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Whether it was before or not, the DCUMarvel’s rebranding proves that the Marvel influence is real now, and having the universe across multiple mediums proves that. It’s not yet clear if DC will fully duplicate Marvel’s strategy, with as many TV shows as movies releasing each year. It could get most projects out as movies and have the odd TV show, or maybe it’ll be just like Marvel and have movies and TV on an equal footing. Time will tell, but DC is finally accepting this MCU way is the way forward should bode well for audiences everywhere.

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