The new Superman family costumes are presented in stunning new DC art

Spoilers for Action Comics #1052 by DC ComicsStarring in a stunning new cover artwork superman Family, the heroes take the spotlight as they don their new costumes as their next era unfolds in the pages of DC Comics. In the recently revealed Steve Beach cover art for action comics #1052, Superman and his extended family take center stage as the cover shows the look of the Man of Steel’s family who will wear them in the upcoming series.

The Superman comic book series at DC Comics is changing fundamentally in 2023, as new creative teams and series will take the hero and his family in a whole new direction. One of the most important upcoming changes is to action comics. Previously, the comic focused on the adventures of Kal-El’s Superman, but the new story will shift focus to various members of the Superman family. Supergirl, Superboy, Jon Kent’s Superman, Natasha Irons, and Kong Kenan’s Super-Man of China are all shown in different arcs with each hero. As part of the extended family basking in the spotlight, the Superman family received awesome costume redesigns from Dan Mora, which features in new cover art for action comics #1052.


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As part of DC Comics’ reveal for February 2023 applications, the upcoming adventures of the Superman family will be revealed in action comics #1052 have been revealed. Featuring a creative team of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Leah Williams, Dan Jurgens, Rafa Sandoval, Lee Weeks and Marguerite Sauvage, the story will lead the Superman family to take on the Blue Earth movement. Meanwhile, Mentallo will face off against John Henry Irons, who is asking Steel for help. Steve Beach’s cover features the Superman family costume redesigns as the stunning image showcases the heroes and their new looks. Check out the cover art for the issue below.

Action comics Superman family 1052

Look at the text you are requesting for action comics #1052 by DC Comics, which teases the upcoming challenges the Superman family will face in this issue.

The crown jewel of Superman’s new metropolis lies in ruins, and the increasingly violent Blue Earth movement keeps the entire superfamily on their toes. Meanwhile, Metallo’s powerful new body evolves in unforeseen, terrifying ways. As Metallo’s life and mind continue to unravel, he sets out in search of the only person who can help: John Henry Irons. It’s Steel versus Metallo as the new era of action comics continues!

The redesign of the Dan Mora costume is unsurprisingly excellent as the Superman family has rarely looked better than in the upcoming series. With their new looks, a story that focuses on the various members of Superman’s family, and a bold new direction for DC Comics as a whole, there’s plenty of reason to look forward to the next chapter of The Man of Steel’s family – including Her Excellency’s new costumes. superman Family takes center stage action comics #1052 by DC Comics, coming to comic stores in February 2023.

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